I am soooo excited. I hate hate hate to fly but can't wait to meet you guys.

If you still want to come hang out with Melting Mama and I you can still use the following code to get 50% off your Philly tickets: MeltingEgg08

Here's the 411.

and then it's on to Los Angeles for the big 3 Day 10 Year Anniversary Event and Halloween Party!!! LA Code: PoachedEgg08


mamahally said...

I would love to win this!!!!

JoAnn Halliday


I sure wish I could attend the CA event...something tells me there are gonna be some seriously sexy costumes due to such a large population going from a 45 BMI down to a 25 BMI. I know I wanna be a "sexy kitten" for the first time in my life this year!

So are you going to post a HINT of what you are gonna be this year for halloween?

Kim said...

Wow that is so nice that you are having a giveaway! Count me in please!

sharon said...

I would love to attend,but I am facing two surgeries. On on my left arm . Trapped nerve by elbow and the other is on my lower spine in the L3 to L 5 area. Part of the cartilage has to be removed and a prosthesis be put in. Now my PC thinks I have a UTI. What next. ps; I lost 5 #'s making some of your recipes.
Coco Smith

Anonymous said...


Would love to attend, but I'm in MA... quite a long way away! Have fun!

Shannon Bernier


Anonymous said...

Shannon Bernier


LisaAndChuck said...

u guys r da bamb......keep up the inspiration!!!

Lisa Nelson

cschoen said...

Cyndi Schoenbrun

This would be awesome!