Squirrels, Soy Crisps, & Starbuck's

I had a great day Sunday thought I'd share some pictures. I went for a long walk Saturday and realized I am in need of new sneakers. The pair I have been using are worn in all the wrong places now I'm carrying less weight. So I headed to the outlets. Didn't find any sneakers I liked but I did find a Coach purse. I know I am addicted. Scary. Is there a 12-Step Purse Program?

After the outlets I took my Mom to Starbuck's where we hung out till the Carlsbad Marathon was over. They close off the 101 and we didn't want to figure our way around the detour.

We drove over to the beach and had a little picnic. I packed Ham & Cheese Cold Cut Roll-ups, Crunchy Cheese, and Raisins. I listened to my Ipod and watched the waves crash and Mom read magazines. I found a half eaten bag of Trader Joe's Garlic Feta Olive Oil Soy Crisps in the trunk of my car and I decided to feed them to the squirrels. I have previously had some bad experiences feeding squirrels so I was cautious but thankfully all went well.

He called a friend

It was a beautiful day.

Today was all errands. I wanted to get anything I might need for the week so I wouldn't have to go out in the weather. I have a few future Food Porn experiments planned I now have all the components for.

I also went to get coffee only this time it was a little more interesting...

So get this. I'm on line at Starbuck's and this guy ahead of me says to the cashier dude "and whatever this pretty lady would like" and turns to me.

OMG!?! He meant me?!? This is soooo not my life.

Of course I chickened out smiled and said, "Oh no thank you."

To which he said, "You aren't going to let me be nice to you huh?"

and I said "just the offer was super sweet thanks."

This year and a half has been an amazing, bizarre, roller coaster ride and the wows keep coming. Best wishes for all the pre-ops out there reading. I hope your journey is a cool as mine has been and continues to be.

Highlights of the weekend:

* All of the above.

Listening to: "Same Mistake" James Blunt


KimJ said...

You look relaxed, fresh, and amazing in that picture! You are GORGEOUS!!!

Michelle said...

Kim, You rock thank you for making my day! ~Michelle

Ammie said...

So awesome! What is crunchy cheese?!

Michelle said...

Hey ammie, Crunchy Baked Cheese (Low Carb, Protein Snack) gives me my "chip-fix". These are the ones I eat http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000PDEXZU?tag=theworlda074c-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B000PDEXZU&adid=01KXQDTK5EK91G4MRHN8&

I heart the White Cheddar and if you are into a kick the Jalapeno are yummy and they have other flavors too.

Rachel said...

Man, you look fantastic.

Michelle said...

Rachel, TY!!! ~Michelle

Maya The Tortoise said...

The guy who offered to buy you a coffee, was he cute? Say yes next time, a girl's gotta drink right!:-) And make a beeline for it if he is not your type with your free coffee, a big smile and a thank you very much!:-) I'm only half kidding!