I'm back in Cali.

This was a really emotional week (full of excellent & hideous moments). It certainly was one of the most emotional weeks since having surgery. So how did I do under the stress?

Ummm... yeah, not so good. I shut down (my typical reaction to stress) and hardly ate. I also had a few drinks one night and scarily smoked cigarettes after 6 years of no smoking. What was I thinking?!? I wasn't. The words... "I care about this new me" from my last post rings in my ears. Yeah.

The past week I've survived on Starbuck's Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Lattes, nuts and cheese. I did have one real meal. A yummy stuffed chicken breast which I will try and replicate soon.

I weighed in last night and I was down -6 pounds in the same amount of days. Don't follow my lead. I don't think the tequila, cigarettes, nuts, cheese, and soy latte diet will take off. Though I do know of a lot of potential celebrity spokespeople.

I'm still processing everything that happened this week. I'll be sharing some stories I'm sure. Suffice it to say, I really know how to do a "mid-life crisis" up right. Did any of you expect any less from me???


Anonymous said...

You'll be the new Jared!!!

slgough said...

So sorry to hear your trip was not all good. I was really hoping it would be just what you needed. Hang in there sweetie. You know we all love you and are rooting for you. Things will get back to normal and the emotions will soon subside.

Kim J said...

Cut yourself some slack! You are wonderful, amazing, and, ummmmm, also HUMAN!!!!!!!! Hang in there, may brighter days be ahead!!!

Katie "Honey Bee" said...

Hi Michelle, I'm sure that part of the growth for each of us is to face some of the feelings we "stuffed down" in our past and I think it's "normal" for us to look to other things (alcohol, not eating, etc) to help us cope since food is no longer there, but the key is to recognize the behavior and move forward from there and you are doing just that! Take care, Katie