Beach Blanket Bento

My bento lunch and beach bag are packed. Time to get my zen on. Everyone needs a zen zone. A place to go to find peace and calmness. The beach is my zen zone.

My Lunch (and a snack)...

Pink Box (top left): Shelly's Beach Bean Salad
Green Box (top right): Sliced Strawberries
Blue Box (bottom left): Vanilla Almond Quest Protein Bar
Orange Box (bottom right): Hunk of 1000 Day Gouda Cheese

My other beach must haves...

Magazines - "A flat belly at any age" mines pretty flat thanks to some post weight loss plastic surgery but it sure doesn't look like hers ;)
Sunscreen & Sunglasses
Computer and Phone (My zen still needs some modern world technology)
Water - trying to do better, those new Lipton Tea & Honey Sticks (Lemon are my fav) are helping and 20 calories seems worth it if it makes me drink more.
My very special coin purse with some cash - I don't like to carry a wallet on the beach.
My favorite mints
My super cool bento box
Packed in my favorite little beach bag
Chairs & blanket in the trunk.

And we're off...

Other Bento creations

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