Thank you Dr. Oz

Dr Oz on Weight Loss Surgery: "Yes. Listen, if you're one hundred pounds overweight at age fifty, you have the same mortality rate as if you have a solid cancer. Would you operate for cancer?"

He's an advocate for gastric bypass surgery, which he hopes will grow in the near future as a tool for in helping to fight obesity:

"I think gastric bypass surgery will play a big role. We probably do only 1% of the gastric bypass surgeries we should do."

As a community I think we really needed this positive press... what a wonderful change from the "she lost it without surgery" articles and celebrities hiding the fact they had surgical assistance. Dr. Oz I always liked you but now ❤

Thank you. Best decision I ever made.

The quotes above are from this month's Prevention Magazine on newsstands today. Show your support and be sure to pick up a copy. Here's a few excerpts online from yesterday's USA Today. A few of the comments ticked me off and cause I must smack down/educate that sort of stuff (the NY girl in me) I commented too ;)

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Jennee said...

I am so happy to hear Dr. Oz is a supporter. I respect him so much and find often he is just so real - I am glad he says it is a tool :)

Now, maybe at 32 I didn't need it - but I would never have lost nearly 100 pounds. Never.

Lisa_Gibson said...

Dr. Oz is wonderful and it's great that he is a supporter.

Kristen said...

Nice that he is a support of weight loss surgery, but he isn't much of a support of a low carb lifestyle. Gary Taubb was on his show and Dr Oz was quite negative and at times condesending. I was not at all impressed. Hopefully, he will continue to be open minded and learn more about the health benefits of a low carb lifestyle.