Fall Desserts: Pumpkin Praline Ricotta Bake

I am loving all things pumpkin lately. I made a knock-off of Starbuck's Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, Pumpkin Ricotta Pancakes the other morning and last night a batch of these... a sort of crustless pie dealio. They were soooo good. The best of both words, creamy pumpkin pie and crunchy pecan pie all in one weight loss surgery friendly, no sugar added bite. Perfect protein packed dessert, snack or heck even breakfast. If you are early on I would think this would even be great in the soft food phase if you just left off the praline topping.

Weight Loss RNY VSG WLS Bariatric Recipes Food CookingShelly's Pumpkin Praline Ricotta Bake

1 cup Ricotta Cheese
1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree (not pie filling)
1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/4 cup Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Torani Syrup
1 Egg, beaten

1/4 cup Pecans, chopped
1 Tablespoon Xylitol Sweetener
1/2 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice

Mix together ricotta, pumpkin, spice, SF syrup and egg till well combined. Spoon into 4 ramekins.

Weight Loss RNY VSG WLS Bariatric Recipes Food CookingMix together topping ingredients sprinkle evenly on top.

Weight Loss RNY VSG WLS Bariatric Recipes Food CookingBake in a 350 oven for 1 hour, knife inserted should come out clean. Allow to cool slightly then place in the fridge at least 4 hours to chill before eating. Serve with a squirt of SF Land o Lakes Whipped Cream if desired.

Summer officially ends in a couple of days and I am so ready for the fall, though in Southern California we usually have a few more weeks till the real fall-ish weather begins. I am hoping we have seen the last of the triple digit temps. Bring on the soups and casseroles, pumpkins, apples, changing leaves, cozy sweaters, crisp air walks, spicy scented candles, cocoa, craft projects, Halloween costumes!

Do you dress up? I have to say dressing up is much more fun post weight loss surgery now that their are more costume choices. I used to hate to go to Halloween parties pre-op. All the scantily clad sexy French maids and kittens in clinging black body suits. Bite me. I was always a witch. Gotta love hiding behind a cape. So whatcha gonna be this year? 42 days away.

Speaking of errr fall (not the good kind.) Thank you so much for the well wishes for my Mum. She is getting a bit better everyday. It was quite a tumble. The bruises are really coming out now and there isn't an area that doesn't have a little color :( I told her no worries teal and plum are in this year. She's a pretty good patient but definitely not liking the limited mobility. Me... I'd be on the couch with a DVD marathon, some snacks, a few magazines, ringing a bell for my coffee. Of course I'd throw in a "Why me?" or a moan each hour ;) for effect.


Susan said...

could you use splenda instead of the xylitol?

azurepenguin said...

Thanks and keep the pumpkin coming! It is my very favorite flavor so in the fall I get my massive pumpkin fix. But with your recipes I'll be able to indulge year round!

I'm glad your mom is better. I took a tumble myself on Friday. Face bounced off the ground and everything. No where near as bad as your mom's spill but I can sort of imagine how she's feeling. I'll continue to send healing thoughts.

Take care! You are such an inspiration.

CurlyGirl said...

Wow! These look delicious!

I've been telling everyone at my bariatric center about you and your site. It's so inspirational AND informational!

I've finally got a date -- November 15. So excited!

CurlyGirl said...

Wow -- these sound delicious!

Please send my good wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery.

I've been telling everyone at my bariatric program about you and your site. It's inspirational AND informational!

Finally got my surgery date -- November 15! So excited!

~K said...

Okay, I am in love!! They sound sooooo delicious. The mini muffins were awesome. I saw the evil ones at starbucks and was thankful I could go home and treat myself to my tasty healthy version.

I'm really excited for Halloween this year. We are going to Disneyland! I will be dressing up like Minnie Mouse along with my 2 yr old. My mom and older one will be black cats...a game of cat and mouse. :)

Sending lots of big (but soft!) hugs your mum's way. I know a good nurse if you need one. ;)


Katherine said...

love the pumpkin! Cant wait to try them :)

Theresa said...

Ok, I just had to try these but I had to use some substitutions because I didn't have all of the ingredients on hand. Instead of Pumpkin Torini I can Carmel Torini on hand and instead of Xylitol (I don't think you can use Splenda because it is not known for baking well) I used Cinnamon Bliss http://www.amazon.com/Cinnamon-Bliss-Sugar-Gourmet-Sauce/dp/B000AG3PIS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=grocery&qid=1284950267&sr=1-1 Also, I used chopped hazelnuts because I could not find any pumpkin seeds. I will let you know how it turns out. :)

leendadll said...

Glad your mom is recovering. I'm like you... people are amazed that I once had 10.5 months of disability + layoff and never once found myself bored. In fact, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I'm almost done with the soft foods phase. It's driven me nuts... I prefer no food or any food, this in-between crap is too much to keep straight.

Too bad I don't cook. These look delicious!!

oh... and I don't dress up anymore. I stay home and give out king size candy and/or glow sticks.

Carol said...

these look sooooo good, I have taken a dive into pumpkin world but had a hack of a time finding pumpkin at the grocery store....today I finally found some at Trader Joes....so tomorrow I am now debating between your muffins or the ricotta bake, or I have a recipe for crustless pie that is more like a pumkin flan.....hmmmmm, decisions, decisions....

Love your blog...keep posting so we can get inspired to cook....

Sandi said...

Shelly, I just wanted to say thanks...again, this is my 3rd pumpkin season, reading your blog. This blog, and a great surgeon, have changed my life. Wishing you sunshine...and Gods blessings for a great fall.

Valerie said...

Did you ever see the movie Julie and Julia? Well as I sit here recovering from my tummy tuck and brachio, having just discovered I passed HALF of my bar exam in FL, I am feeling kinda like lost Julie (28 and disillusioned but in a good, solid relationship). And I have loved reading your blog since I discovered it! Your protein ice cream has kept me alive through this plastics recovery! I think when I recover I should devote a year to making your recipes haha :) You be Julia and I'll be Julie, that is how cool I think you are! Oh and I had my RNY on Jan. 15, 2007 and I am a little over 5'7 and got down to my lowest of 158 and then before plastics did tons of weight training and got up to 177 haha - only me - work my butt off at the gym and gain tons of muscle! Anyway whaddya say ??

Theresa said...

Well, the substitutions passed. My family and I had them for breakfast this morning. The Carmel and Cinnamon Bliss complemented the pumpkin flavor. ;)

Amy said...

Have you considered publishing a cookbook? I would buy it immediately! Thank you for doing what you do!

Di said...

Wondering if it would taste pumpkin-y with s.f vanilla or caramel syrup rather than pumpkin. I don't have pumpkin :-(

gwejord said...

Thanks for sharing.I'm a new post gastric bypass (9/1/10) but looking forward to stage 5. Any stage 4 recipes you could recommend? Many Thanks!! gwejord

battynurse said...

Definitely have to try this as I LOVE all things pumpkin.
I had been so happy with somewhat cooler temps lately and now it's all back to being hot and yucky again. Supposed to be like 103 on Tuesday. Ugg.
Glad your mom is doing better

Tammy said...

Hey - made these over the weekend, and they turned out great. I used the SF Gingerbread syrup instead. Also made the Pumpkin Ricotta Pancakes - I've searched all over for a protein pancake that I love, and this one finally did it. Thank you for these!

kl said...

I made these today and since I didn't have Xylitol I just put some SF Caramel Syrup in place of it and it is perfect! I love this recipe!

Kelli Dorries said...

Can you tell me the nutritional values for the Pumpkin Praline Ricotta Bake. It looks so yummy but I need to know the carb and calorie values. Thank you!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Sparkpeople or My fitness pal has a recipe calculator. If you use a different ingredient or brand (fat content, etc.) the numbers can change so I let you do the math based on your ingredients. It works in my post wls plan :)

Lisa said...

I just made this last night and it is SO delicious! I had everything on hand except pecans and the xylitol so I just sprinkled some sliced almonds and a little more pumpkin pie spice on top. It is plenty sweet for me and love the crunch of the toasted almonds. It's basically pumpkin cheesecake. YUMYUM I LOVE pumpkin season!!