Drum roll...

Thank you for the wonderful response to the Eggface Big Birthday Giveaway.

The random generator has selected:


Congratulations!!! You are the winner of the Cuisinart 1-1/2-Quart Ice-20 Automatic Ice Cream Maker! Check your mail and follow email instructions for claiming your prize.

Thanks for playing everyone. I wish I could give a machine to everyone or at least have you all over for a Protein Ice Cream Social ;)

Didn't win but want the 411 (my review) of the machine? Here's the link.

Already have one and want to recipes to make super delicious and guilt free Protein Ice Cream? Here's the link.

I love these giveaways. I'm already planning the next.


Patti said...

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! You are Beautiful inside and out!!!


Christine said...


(And, for what it's worth, you look younger and way more gorgeous now than you did 10 years ago. You're literally reversing the effects of time!)

karen said...

Whaaaattt???!!!?? It wasn't me? I'm I"m I'm not the winner? I demand a recount.
Oh well it was sure fun playing.

Sunne said...

Hahaha I saw I won and immediately called my hubby squealing about winning an ice cream maker. He responded in his typical dry matter-of-fact way, "Oh wow, you won something you can't use. What on Earth will you do with an ice cream maker?" I can't wait to whip up some of your protein ice creams and show him!!! :) Thank you soo sooo soooo much! *hugs*