Heads up: SF Torani Sale

If you use Sugar Free Torani Syrups there is a GREAT sale going till May 31st on the big bottle 3 packs, included in the offer are some of my favorites Sugar Free Vanilla, SF Caramel, SF Raspberry, SF Hazelnut, SF Irish Creme, and SF Chocolate. I just stocked up on SF Vanilla, Caramel & Raspberry.

Save 20% on select flavors when you enter code TORASYR4 at checkout. Here's the link.

Before I placed my order I pulled all my bottles out onto the counter to take an inventory of the ones I have and reorganize the pantry bit.

I know... obsess much? I use them all though... Protein Ice Cream, Protein Shakes & Smoothies, Desserts, Yogurt, 5 Minute Cakes, Donuts and in Coffee and Cocoa. Mmmm.

Oh and to the well meaning emailers telling me how Splenda is gonna kill me... save the finger energy. I figure we are all gonna die of something one day and if I die drinking a Sugar Free Vanilla Latte I'll die a happy girl. Thanks for your concern though ;)


Calypsobard said...

I really wish they would have the sugar free peppermint 3 pack :(

battynurse said...

oooh, I second the SF peppermint. Also I don't know that I would want to buy 3 of one flavor. I like them but that might take the rest of my life to use up. I may have to make my friend go to the place at home (WA) where they are cheap and then ship to me. I wonder if they would fit in a flat rate box?

Brenda said...

Thanks for the info. I just recently started following your blog and think you do a wonderful job. I am not much of a cook (I rely on my husband a lot), but you have inspired me to try many new recipes. I just bought the SF vanilla, caramel and hazelnut and can't wait to get them to start experimenting.

Lynn K. said...

Have you tried the SF Torani sauces? Carmel,Chocolate, and White Chocolate?

Lisa said...

you are a goddess! I just made your Nathan's apple cinnomon cake and I expected it to taste like apple rubbed on shoebox cake.
Oh bite my tounge! It was moist and warm and so yummy I ate my first slice naked! What a treat.
How did you figure out how to concoct these little gems? All I can say is all Hail Queen Shelly!!!!
thanks billions-Lisa

Anonymous said...

Shelly! Your collection looks just like mine! My favorite is Brown Sugar Cinnamon and I buy it by the case at my local coffee shop. What I'm not going to tell you is how fast I go through each case, it's embarrasingly fast - and I'm single and live alone. What can I say, I love me some eggface recipes! When I show up at my coffee shop, which I'm going to again tomorrow, to place another order for another case, they say, oh! you're back already. Yep.


T2Nashville said...

I actually bought a wine rack to keep all my SF syrups in. It really helps! I can see what I have and it keeps them neatly stored away.

And you tell 'em, Shelly. Half my blood is stuffed with Splenda, and I seem to be doing just fine!