Heads up: SF Torani Sale

If you use Sugar Free Torani Syrups there is a GREAT sale going till May 31st on the big bottle 3 packs, included in the offer are some of my favorites Sugar Free Vanilla, SF Caramel, SF Raspberry, SF Hazelnut, SF Irish Creme, and SF Chocolate. I just stocked up on SF Vanilla, Caramel & Raspberry.

Save 20% on select flavors when you enter code TORASYR4 at checkout. Here's the link.

Before I placed my order I pulled all my bottles out onto the counter to take an inventory of the ones I have and reorganize the pantry bit.

I know... obsess much? I use them all though... Protein Ice Cream, Protein Shakes & Smoothies, Desserts, Yogurt, 5 Minute Cakes, Donuts and in Coffee and Cocoa. Mmmm.

Oh and to the well meaning emailers telling me how Splenda is gonna kill me... save the finger energy. I figure we are all gonna die of something one day and if I die drinking a Sugar Free Vanilla Latte I'll die a happy girl. Thanks for your concern though ;)