Post Weight Loss Surgery Traveling

Getting excited for my upcoming NYC trip... so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite travel snacks and tips that have helped me as a post-op.

These are some snacks I toss in my bag when I'm on the go. They keep me from making poor choices and most require no refrigeration. Great to carry-on the plane... saving you from paying $7 for an in flight snack box that maybe has 1 or 2 items in it we can eat.

Click on the pic to get a closer look:

* I love my Blender Ball Shaker Cups. I take them everywhere. Road, train, plane trips. I pre-measure 1 scoop portions of my favorite protein powders (SEI Max or Ultimate or Click Espresso Protein) into snack size Ziploc baggies and stuff the baggies into the shaker cup. When I'm on the plane or reach my destination I just get a bottle of water or cup of milk, empty the contents of one of the baggies, pour the liquid in (measurements are on the side) and shake, shake, shake. I have a ton of these... they come in 2 sizes (20 oz. and 28 oz.) and a bunch of colors.

* Other things to drink... Taster's Choice and Starbucks Via Tubes. Hotel rooms never have enough coffee but I can use the coffee maker to boil water for these little coffee tubes. Bring a few non-dairy creamer packets and you are set.

You guys know I'm not a plain water fan. I force myself but fail miserably and sometimes I pay in the form of a kidney stone attack. That was until I found these... GNC carries them. Be-Quenched Peach Green Tea Tubes. Empty one into a bottle of water and transform it into a yummy and good for you (contains vitamins & minerals) drink. Not pictured: Tea Bags, Crystal Light Tubes.

* Jello Pudding Singles in SF Chocolate & Vanilla 1/2 cup milk and a packet in your blender bottle and you have a yummy snack. It's not Ben & Jerry's but it may save you from spending your precious va-cay time curled in a ball dumping. Mix one of those coffee tubes in it for an unbelievably good coffee pudding.

* Snack bags of Mixed Nuts, Almonds, Beef or Turkey Jerky, Kay's Protein Cereal, Ann's Soy Energy Blend (I get it at Costco, soy nuts, almonds, cranberries), all require no refrigeration but are handy to pull out of your bag when the only choices are not so good.

* SF Hard Candy & Gum - Lots of choices and I swear you can't tell these are Sugar Free. Just don't go crazy & suck the whole bag (most SF Candy have a laxative effect if consumed in large quantities - I limit myself to 2 or 3 pieces a day, eat the whole bag and you'll get to know the inside of the plane's bathroom intimately) some of my favorites are SF Lifesavers, SF Werthers, and SF Jolly Ranchers.

* Not pictured: Protein Bars Watch the carbs & sugars on these some are really glorified candy bars.

If you are doing the road trip thing or have reached your destination and scored a mini fridge in your room (I request them ahead of time "for dietary reasons")

* Get yourself a super cool bento box and load it up with protein packed snacks. Type the word bento in the search box under my before & after picture and oodles of ideas will come up.

* Cheesesticks are my go-to, I usually hit a deli or supermarket and get a 1/4 pound of turkey or roast beef, a box of soy milk, a couple of pieces of fruit (grapes usually.) Those tuna kits, crab or salmon foil packets, yogurts or cottage cheese are all great to have on hand too... much better choices then the rest stop convenience store or room service menu offerings of deep fried, battered or sugary chocolate.

* RTD Ready-to-drink protein drinks - not my favorite (most are chalky & gnarly) but 7-11 type convenience stores are carrying them now. You can't carry them on the plane (the whole over 3 oz. liquids rule) but they are convenient for road trips or once you get to where you are going. I prefer the blender bottle method with my good stuff in baggies.

Here's more Post Weight Loss Surgery Travel Tips that have helped me and some Strategies for Eating Out.