My weight loss surgery journey (in denim)

I was searching for something in the garage yesterday and found a box. I thought it had garden stuff in it but it turned out to be several bags of size 28 clothing from before surgery. It was already sorted by jeans, dress pants, shirts, all ready to go. So today I gathered it up, filled the trunk of my car and dropped them off at the thrift.

I just kept one pair back to always remind me where I started and how far I have come.

I actually cried when I took this picture. I cried for the girl who wore those jeans, she was hurting, physically and emotionally. She was sitting on a bench watching her life pass her by. She was on 8 prescription medications for gastric reflux, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and all the aches & pains associated with carrying around almost 300 pounds on a 5'2" frame. She was miserable, trapped and slowing killing herself, a slow suicide by knife and fork.

I also shed a few tears of joy for the girl who wears the jeans on the right. The girl who can walk for miles and miles without stopping. Has no more acid reflux, no sleep apnea, stellar blood pressure, and only takes vitamins. Now her life, my life, isn't perfect and weight loss surgery didn't solve all my problems (in fact it threw a light on a few I tried for years to eat away, I'm working on those) but it's 150% better than it was. I am forever grateful at this second chance. I VOW to wake up everyday and FIGHT to never go back.

Before weight loss surgery (RNY Gastric Bypass 6/20/2006) I filled every inch of these Size 28 jeans...

Currently wearing these Size 4's...

Notes to myself:
Plan for Success
Fear the Enemy
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