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In the beginning of this weight loss surgery journey it's easy to get obsessed with getting to GOAL.

OK Gooooooaaaaaallllll.

Then what?

Newsflash: there's no finish line just more of the same.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in the interest of keeping it real... this journey gets even harder.

Tips for the Long Haul:

* Plan your meals. Read this.

* Stop grazing. If it isn't in the plan for the day. Put it down! Some days I feel crazy hungry... I just try not to feed the beast. If it's not my 3 meals and 2 snacks that are planned it's not going in my mouth.

* Get rid of stuff in the house you shouldn't have. Don't use the excuse it's for the kids, it's for hubby, etc. They don't need it either. It's a lie we tell ourselves.

* Track your intake and output for a week or two at a site like www.fitday.com or www.dailyplate.com it'll be obvious pretty quick what area needs to be cut or added to (in fact, you probably already know the answer.) Yes it's a pain in the ass to track... so is being fat and trying to lose weight. Pick your poison ;)

* Find something active you like to do. If you don't like to do it it's probably not going to continue. I don't do smelly gyms but some people love them. What works for me.

* Get support. My latest favorite support route is Twitter we have a Weight Loss Surgery Twibe - 800+ members who check in with each other daily to chat, bitch, moan, celebrate. All current and former fat chicks (and a few dudes) so we all "get it" feel free to come hang out. I'm Eggface on there (add me) and then join the WLS Twibe to add other WLS pals (pre-ops, post-ops, all surgery types... all fighting the good fight)

* Remember food for us was an addiction. We are recovering addicts. Sometimes you can't do it on your own and may need some professional help. Weight Loss Surgery Success = working on the head as well as the body. They operate on our guts, not our heads. That is up to us!

If you aren't doing the "right things" Change.

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." ~Lao Tzu

Remember every new day is a chance to ¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨ transform your life. Hell every new minute. Drop the cookie.

Oh and no diets... no liquid for a week crap... no pills. We had weight loss surgery to get off that rollercoaster. Make life changes (food, water, exercise, head) you can live with forever 'cause this battle is forever.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a weight loss surgery expert just another post-op trying to fight the daily battles against obesity and come out a winner for life. This is just my 2.5 cents (.5 for inflation)


Miss Soul said...

AWESOME post and I love this quote:

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." ~Lao Tzu

Still working hard to get the verifications I need but I stop by here to help remind me of the positive results my hard work will bring. Certainly changing direction!

Anonymous said...

Your timing is perfect, thank you. I'm just past week three post-op and a little discouraged because I'm tired of liquids and protein shakes (even with your guidance) and the weight loss has slowed a little bit. I started with a personal trainer this morning, so I should be proud of myself, but all I could see was numbers on the scale. Thanks for everything, esp. your very timely rah-rah that I needed so badly.

Tavia said...

You are such an inspiration. I had WLS in Oct. 2007, lost 130 pounds only to gain 20 back after my husband lost his job (gotta love stres eating). I am looking for an eating plan that will help me to get by mind and body back in the right mindset. Any words of wisdom or advice would GREATLY be appreciated. Thank you for all your posts!!

Nancy said...

Ahhh, very wise! I am in the maintenance phase and really having trouble with my head. I know how to lose weight and I certainly know who to gain weight. Keeping a steady line is extremely difficult! Thank you so much for your posts. They inspire me every day!

Sue scanlon said...

Unbelievably relavent to me- yesterday was a really bad eating day. I'm 3 days past my 1st surgiversary and I should know better. After i read your post I threw out the bag of chips. Now I have to dispose of the ice cream and cookies that I bought. What was I thinking?

Clara said...

Just had my sugery (08.03.09) and back home recovering and feeling stronger every day. Although I participated in a 6-month preparatory program and did a good deal of research (in other words, I walked into this as an informed consumer), I still appreciated this advice.

Ultimately, it seems -- we'll see whether and how I achieve this -- we have to find a way both to remember and forget that WLS is a core aspect of our lives. Hmmm. I sense a blog post there.

JaimeK said...

Great post! I especially think it is important for all of us to hear the part about this isn't about a diet, it is about getting your head in the game and this game is called your life and being responsible for what goes in your mouth.

I have to do what you do which is schedule my food and if it is not on the plan it does not cross my lips - this is based on the kind of fat person I was.

You always seem to have perfect timing in that you post a personal blog just when needed. Not that you could know, but thanks for that!

shirl63 said...

Thanks for the very timely post. I am 2 yrs out and met my goal 6 mths ago. Never realized maintaining is actually harder then getting there. I read your blog all the time and love all your recipes! Thanks so much, Shirley

Jamie said...

What an amazing post. And for someone who is just starting the journey - it couldn't be more timely.

Cindy said...

Your timing is impeccable! I had lapband surgery 15 months ago and have lost 50 pounds. However, I still have another 25 to go and have not lost any over the summer. You make some great points and I really needed the reminders!

Tiff said...

As I approach my three year surgi-versary, reading this post came at a great time. Thanks so much for your words of advice, and wisdom.

I'm sure to be dwelling on them for days to come.

It's true.. A lifelong battle. I admit, I use the "its for the kids" excuse - and then the kids wake up in the morning to find that I've eaten their "snacks".

I still have a hard time of it. I admit, there are days when I can't bring myself to your website - even though it is one of my faves. Just knowing that I'm going to see pictures of food - heightens my anxiety.

I'm an addict.... at 260 pounds, or 130 .... I'm past goal.... and still as screwed up as I ever was...

ha ha ha. Thanks for the great post.... and your yummy recipes....

.... sort of.... :) You know I'm kidding...

I've recently joined the twibe and look forward to participating.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you! I had lap band at the end of march, and every day is a struggle I work hard at it every day. The surgery is just a tool to help you get to your goal. Its got to be a life style change for ever! Its not easy but the ride is so much better than before. Thanks for telling it like it is! :) I thank you for being so up front, we all need that once in awhile just to know we're not alone.

thanks again,
working in Chicopee :)

Donna said...

Ugghhhhh, I SO needed to hear this, but at the same time, so don't want to, lol. I am nearly 7 months pregnant and on a grazing, carbing spiral! Bookmarking this to read again, and again, and again!

PsychoChris said...

My sweet, beautiful Californian friend.

How did you know that I needed to read this today?

Your posts and blog are NOTHING short of amazing. I realize you do this for you, but the selfish part of me believes that you do it for ME!!!

You rock, as always!

I needed this post SO BAD today!

*love and hugs and kisses* from me, in Texas!

Love Love Love!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Hope late from work and was going to snack on something less than healthy for dinner. Read your blog and mixed up a lovely concoction of cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, cinnamon and Kashi cereal. Phew- saved by the eggface!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog/recipes....I am 4 years out, and had total regain~ 3 deaths in my family put me in a tailspin..my mother in 2007 and 2 brothers in 2009~ my surgery was 2008/May
I am getting back on track once again, thank you for your site

Tina said...

I am typing through tears! I found your blog while looking forinfo on liquid diets. My second RNY is scheduled in 2 weeks. I had first one in 1999 and have re gained almost every pound. Lots of excuses but the bottom line is I never wrapped my head around being a normal wt. Or approaching food differently. I am grateful for all the support and resources like this. I will be oa regular!

China said...

Awesome post ! Newbie here and love all the info, recipes and the rambling !!! :D

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Awww thank you :) Best to all.

Unknown said...

Great information and support - thank you for taking the time and effort to help others.