Antipasto Skewers

So I went outside to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower which was supposed to peak last night.

Dear Space,
4 meteors ☄ does not a "shower" make.
Signed, Stiff Neck

Well at least I had yummy snacks.

This is one of my favorite beach or picnic foods. They travel well. It's the first thing to go at any party, BBQ or potluck. They are weight loss surgery friendly of course and ;) so darn cute...

Shelly's Antipasto Skewers

You need:
Bamboo skewers
Storebought Pesto Sauce
A variety of Antipasto Items

Bocconcini (small Fresh Mozzarella Balls) *
Olives (Green Sicilian & Black Kalamata) *
Pepperoni Slices *
Basil Leaves
Cubes of Cold Cuts
Cubes of Cheese
Giant Greek Beans *
Artichoke Hearts (water packed) *
Fresh Veggies (Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Peppers, all work great) *
Marinated Veggies (Gardinara, Mushrooms)

Thread items onto bamboo skewers. Repeat until you’ve run out of skewers or ingredients. Drizzle skewers with pesto sauce nuke it for a few seconds to thin it out and sprinkle with Kosher salt and a few twists of black pepper.

I used the starred items in my skewers last night. The cherry tomatoes are from my garden and were just picked a few minutes before making the skewers still warm from the day's sun. One of life's little pleasures.