Life's small pleasures

I've been tagged...

100 things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (in no particular order):

1. The Beach
2. Farmer's Markets
3. Just washed Egyptian cotton sheets
4. Dreams that are so good you don’t want to wake up
5. Reality TV
6. Rain
7. Lava flows
8. Cookbooks
9. Sweater weather
10. Goose Down Pillows
11. Breakfast for dinner
12. My cat Rose
13. Pilot Easy Touch Pens
14. Traveling
15. Magazines
16. Cheese
17. Walks in the evening
18. Snow
19. Road trips
20. Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Lattes
21. Picnics
22. Bath & Body Works Citrus Basil scent
23. Flea markets
24. Flip Flops
25. Cliffs over looking the ocean
26. Roses
27. Spending time with my Mum
28. Seaport Village in San Diego
29. Going to concerts
30. Sleeping in
31. Oatmeal
32. Chilly nights
33. Romantic comedies
34. Capri length jeans
35. Bracelets
36. Days when the phone doesn't ring
37. Laughing till it hurts
38. Tortilla Pizzas
39. When I do really well on Jeopardy
40. Passionate people
41. Purses
42. Bellinis (Peach Nectar & Champagne)
43. French doors that open onto garden patios
44. Lighthouses
45. Imax movies
46. Julian, CA
47. Curling up on the couch watching movies
48. Surfing the net
49. Pedicures
50. The color green
51. Loyalty
52. Scarves
53. Kitchen gadgets
54. Seashells
55. Coffee
56. Antique Stores
57. Star gazing
58. Tattoos
59. Watching old music videos on You Tube
60. Camping
61. Fresh pineapple drizzled with Malibu Rum
62. Fountains
63. The Zoo
64. Snowdrops (the flower)
65. Montauk, NY
66. My Ipod
67. Old houses
68. Bizarre Holidays
69. Steamed Clams
70. Grilled Veggies
71. A Good Makeout Session
72. Sunglasses
73. Going to the movies
74. The smell of BBQ
75. Air Hockey
76. Being in love
77. Driving down Coast Hwy. 101
78. Sincerity
79. Bullriding
80. Cheese Parties under my electric stars
81. Cooking
82. Street Fairs
83. Carlsbad, CA
84. Libraries
85. Lotion
86. Wrought Iron
87. V neck shirts
88. Music
89. Fortune Tellers
90. Hair Scrungees
91. Barefeet
92. Vintage anything
93. Boston, MA
94. Watching surfers
95. Candlelight
96. Bonfires
97. California Missions
98. Winding roads through the mountains
99. Feeding squirrels
100. Heart shaped rocks

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AnitaBreeze said...

This sounds perfect for Thanksgiving morning (coming soon here in Canada!)
PS I have your cauliflower/sausage bake in the oven right now. I'm a low carb freak right now so to lower them, I used a mix of ground flax and hemp protein to coat the cauliflower. Hope it works!

Anonymous said...

Do you drink coffee? Also I'm having a hard time getting all my water in. I'm really not very creative so I'm enjoying some of your recipes especially the the cauliflour one. My whole family liked it.
Any tips will be welcome.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Anita, Please let me know about the coating. I allow myself 1/4 cup and below in recipes but would love a tasty alternative with more health benefits. ~M


Debbie, I drink waaaaaay too much coffee. It's sometimes the only liquid I consume in a day soooo bad. Please don't follow my lead. I do a bit better in the summer with water but not much. ~M

Debbie said...

Thanks Michelle. Should I call OH and try to have them walk me through the stages. I love this website but I get a little confused at times.
Debbie - rob5551

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Debbie,

No I'd call my Dr and get a name of a nutritionist he works with.

OH has some online eating guidelines but everyones plan is different. Best bet is to find a nutritionist familiar with the post-op diet/needs and get a plan set up for you based on your lifestyle.

AnitaBreeze said...

Michelle, the flax/hemp coating worked great! My 28 yr old son ate almost the whole casserole by himself. I managed to rescue a little bit to have for lunch, I guess next time I'm making a double batch.
Thanks for all your great recipe ideas!

Vikki said...

Great list! We share some thought on "Life's little pleasures"
Have a great week,

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I need to keep the little pleasurable things in life in mind. I think I'll start a list of my own.

Anonymous said...

do you have any recipes for chicken in the crock pot?