Best Obesity Health Blogs of the Year

I am so honored that The World According to Eggface was selected by Healthline as one of the Best Obesity Health Blogs of the Year. Blogging my weight loss journey helps me keep my head in the game, staying accountable to my lifestyle changes. Knowing you are all out there is a great comfort. I never feel alone. I've got an awesome group of people who "get it" just a few keystrokes away. Thank you for being a part of my support system.

It makes me smile when I get a message saying that a recipe has become a family favorite or a tip helped. I hope the blog continues to help others in their journey, taking a little of the fear of the unknown out of life post weight loss surgery, passing along some tips, information and resources and hopefully helping to dispel some misconceptions along the way.

Please check out all of the wonderful blogs on the list. Some of my very favorites are included. Great reads, a nice mix of education, inspiration and fun. Thank you Healthline for thinking the blog worthy of making the list.

obesity best blogs badge

P.S. I am doubly proud to say I serve on the Obesity Action Coalition Board of Directors who is also on this year's list. Speaking of the OAC... I hope I will get to meet some of you in person at this year's Your Weight Matters National Convention.

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