Crafty - Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Jars

I was perusing Pinterest the other day and thought this was cute I had to recreate it. They kind of reminded me of those cool centerpieces I made for my Southern California Meet & Greet a few years back.

You Need:

1 glass round Roly Poly Votive (they look like little fish bowls)
1 glass Candle Stick Holder
Jack-o-lantern Face Clings (or Black Electrical Tape or Paper)
Stuff to fill it
Optional: Quake wax

I bought the votive and the candle stick at the Dollar Store. I found the Cling Film Faces (like Colorforms) at JoAnn's Fabric and Craft Store but you could even just use black construction paper and tape or electrical tape to make a face.

If you have pets or kiddos that might knock it down, I'd suggest a little Quake Wax to attach the votive to the candle stick. It's pretty safe in my house so I just placed it on top. Now watch as I send it flying ;)

I filled mine with a "Harvest Mix" of Cinnamon Cheerios, Pumpkin Almonds, and Red Walnuts. Other suggestions: Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds), Mixed Nuts, Granola or Non-edible things like Buttons, Beads or Potpourri.

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