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1. Excited about the upcoming Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) "Your Weight Matters" Inaugural Convention! I hope I will get to meet some blog readers there. For more information check out this video invite that tells you all about the event. The agenda is AWESOME and it's so close to Halloween we'll be celebrating that with a party at the event. Keep up with the latest chatter on the Facebook page that has been set up. Sunday some of us will be walking in the Dallas Walk from Obesity. I'm walking. I might even mosey or ramble or saunter. If you can't walk with us please consider donating a $ buck or 2 and I'll walk, mosey, ramble, saunter for us both :)

Thank you to my ✩✩ rock star friends ✩✩ who donated already: Laura J., Dana K., Peggy E., Rebecca C., Donna T., Coleen G., Linda P., Mandi R., Rae T., Andrea H., Catheryn E. and Lynnda S.

2. Looking for a yummy lunch or cool protein packed snack idea for HOT DAYS. Here's one of my new favs. Bacon lovers will want to give this one a try. Great use for leftover bacon.

Shelly's Bacon Tomato Yogurt Dip

3 oz. Greek Yogurt (I use plain, 2 %)
2 slices of Cooked Bacon, crumbled (any regular, turkey, you could even use bacon bits)
1 Large Tomato, chopped
Kosher Salt to taste
a few twists of Black Pepper

Mix till well combined. Serve with Cucumber "Crackers" or another veggie dipper of choice.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Percentage of obese residents by state - 12 states had a more than 30% obesity prevalence ranking: AL, AR, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, MO, OK, SC, TX, and WV.
Many First-Graders Shun Overweight, Obese Kids
Time to abandon the notion of personal choice in dietary counseling for obesity?
Can Thinking You Are Fat Make You Fat?
Bariatric patients at Houston Northwest Medical Center celebrate weight loss success
Obesity surgery is NOT just about surgery - AMEN!

and finally a shout out to Nike for their latest advertising campaign. Meet Nathan:

"In a society where obese individuals face pervasive stigmatization, it is important to debunk weight-based stereotypes that so often lead to prejudice," said Rebecca Puhl, PhD, Director of Research and Weight Stigma Initiatives at the Yale Rudd Center. "Nike does this successfully by communicating the message that we all have the potential for greatness, no matter what body size we have. More messages like this are badly needed in our culture, and hopefully others will follow the example of Nike to address weight stigmatization head on."

4. Celebrate Vitamins asked this question this week on their Facebook page: What is one one of the biggest celebrations you have had since weight loss surgery? Add your answer and read others.

Mine... toss up between walking the Brooklyn Bridge or finally seeing the end of the Pier.

5. The summer of Eggciting giveaways continues this Sunday. Be sure to stop by the blog when another AWESOME Eggface Giveaway begins! What will it be?! Hint: It's beautiful.

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Tiffany said...

The tomato bacon yogurt dip was the first recipe I have tried from this site and it is FANTASTIC!!!

SunnySusan said...

This is yummy and I am pre surgery!! This one will be a keeper in my house, thanks

Heath said...

I just had a shower for my soon to be sister-in-law and made a few of your recipes. My mother poo poo'd the idea but after hearing how everyone reacted and loved your recipes, it shut her up! Thanks for that and thanks for all the great ideas. Every single women there wanted your blog site address!

Trina said...

Just wanted to thank you for all your recipes and sharing your WLS journey with the world. I had RNY Dec 19th 2011. Had a mountain of complications but not only did it save me but have made other people in my life take their health more serious too. Down 70lbs and 8 months out. Thanks again!