Alien Abduction

Last night I was abducted by aliens. I am certain of it. Here's the proof. I went to bed at about 11:00 PM in the same position I always sleep in. I'm a side sleeper, always on my right. I wake up in the same position I go to sleep in. I face the door to my bathroom which is across from me on the right.

Last night I woke up at 2 AM. The room was dark and I went to throw my feet out of bed and... What?! Wait. There was still more bed. I blinked twice. Is that a wall in front of me?! Where the heck am I? Complete confusion. I looked up and behind me and slowly realized my head was now at the bottom of the bed where my feet usually are and I was facing the complete opposite direction.

Before you dirty bird Fifty Shades ladies read too much into it I was alone. So my theory... alien abduction. I was zapped and probed or whatever it is they do and returned to my bed the wrong way round.

Further proof. At 6 AM I made breakfast. My Buttercrunch Ricotta Pancakes and behold... the mother ship.