Ricki Lake Show Taping Day

I am sworn to secrecy (literally lots of legal papers were signed) about the show itself. I can't share that stuff till next month after it airs but I can give you a little glimpse into the day. I was picked up by a car service at 7:15 AM and arrived at Culver City Studios the home of The Ricki Lake Show around 10 AM.

Outside the studio

I was brought up to my dressing room.

I was told I would soon be heading to hair & makeup and to wait, watch TV, relax (yeah right). I was happy they had free wifi (Thanks Ricki) so I was able to get some stuff done and tweet and Facebook a little.

Here's a look at the inside of the dressing room...

This was the basket of goodies that I avoided all day. I did snake that bag of Apricot Shortbread cookies for Mum before I left. Shhh.

The lovely ladies in Hair & Makeup dolled me up.

I was told to go back in my dressing room to wait for wardrobe. On the way back I passed Ricki in the hall. I didn't realize it was her until she had zoomed passed me and into her dressing room which has the cutest Ricki Lake Show logo doormat in front of it. I didn't have my phone or I would have snapped a picture.

Wardrobe came in and approved my outfit and took it to be steamed. I was told to bring 3-5 outfits, no stripes, no patterns, preferably jewel tones, wear heels, no bling. I was glad they chose the outfit they did. It was the one I liked the best. I will save that picture for after the show airs.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of visits from producers who I had only chatted with by email and phone. It was nice to finally put faces to the names that have been in my inbox and on my message machine so much these past few weeks.

At one point a staff member came in a took my lunch order. My Chicken Caesar Salad was delivered and I painstakingly removed all the croutons one by one. See my 15 minutes of fame has not gone to my head. Had it gone to my head I would have requested an official crouton remover to do that laborious task for me ;) Next time.

I ate all the chicken. 4 forkfuls of lettuce.

After lunch, I was told to get dressed and await the sound person. Who came and felt me up err I mean placed a mic in my shirt. Not too long after we were brought down to a holding area backstage. Make-up people came and refreshed the lipstick I had eaten off at lunch. I sat on one of those tall director's chairs till showtime.


The show will air sometime in September on FOX. It's been picked up by 98% or something like that markets so you should be able to see it in your area (or online.) I'll let everyone know when I have an exact air date.

So yeah, well... I can chalk appearing on a talk show off the bucket list. Glad it was The Ricki Lake Show and not a Maury Povich "Who's the Baby Daddy?" episode. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.

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