My Before & After - Weight Loss Surgery

-158 lbs
Size 28 to 4 (8 before plastics)
All co-morbidities resolved (GERD, severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure)
Off all 8 medications I was on pre-op

*Weight Loss Surgery is not a solution for everyone* but it was the right one for me. It was the HEAD START I needed to change my life and I want to stress it goes hand in hand with HEALTHY EATING, DAILY EXERCISE and MOST IMPORTANTLY (and the hardest part IMHO) working on the HEAD stuff, the why's of why I got fat. This is a lifelong war versus obesity and having surgery was just one battle... everyday I wake up and fight.

Just 'cause I got the monkey off my back doesn't mean the circus has left town. The FIGHT is FOREVER!

My wish for all those new on this journey: that you will soon feel the same way I do about having weight loss surgery that it was the BEST GIFT I ever gave myself.

xo To all the fellow fighters!