Ramblings of a Weight Loss Surgery Post-op

My blog entry the other day where I mentioned my not eating pasta, rice, bread, white potatoes, crackers and chips post weight loss surgery (my choice) elicited a bunch of emails asking how to stave off the white carb cravings. I wish I had words of wisdom on this one but I'll just say this, it is much easier to detox if you never tox to begin with. I rarely have cravings for my pre-op demon foods because my body isn't fighting me, it makes it easier to keep the willpower part up. Here's a great article explains the science behind it. The day I signed on the dotted line for weight loss surgery I agreed in my mind to ax a few things. Those select foods (and really there aren't many) are just not an option for me anymore. Physically could I eat them? Sure, I don't doubt I could. That's the scary part.

Some people can do the moderation thing, I can for some foods, for others, errr not so much. If I had the occasional piece of bread from the bread basket, it wouldn't end there, I know me... the occasional would become the weekly, daily, with every meal again. Maybe some people are stronger than I am and can do it. Maybe they know a secret or are more enlightened since surgery. A lot of people claim to know the secrets and will sell you them in their e-books. Maybe they are fooling themselves, we addicts often do. Maybe they are still in the early stages when a bite or two feels like a buffet and they're thinking how can a few bites do any harm?! In the first year the pouch can only handle so much so those "just a bites" satisfy but sooner than you think you'll be able to eat more. Will you be able to stop at "just a bite?" that's something you need to answer for yourself. I am of the school that you can't continue the same behavior and expect a different result. So *my answer* is not to open the door on a few foods. At family gatherings or parties or on a restaurant menu I look for the foods I can have versus those I can't. At home I adapt favorites. It's surprisingly a lot of great stuff. So great in fact, that I often find the post-op adapted versions are better than the pre-op ones.

This is how *my journey* needs to be.

Just the 2.5 cents (inflation) of another post-op trying to make it in this world.