Look what I found...

Serving Size: 3 Hearts
Calories: 60

If you have "issues" with sugar alcohols don't go eating 10 peeps in a sitting or you'll be "sitting" in a little room in your house all day if you know what I mean ;)

I found the Sugar Free Yellow Chick Peeps last Easter but couldn't locate the Sugar Free Halloween or Christmas Peeps I heard rumors of. I found these hearts locally at my Albertson's (99 cents a pack)

I have to say I actually felt a little remorse whacking the chick peeps at Easter. It's that damn little brown eye staring up at you right before you bite it's head off.

You can be guilt free with these hearts.

Hearts have no eyes.

How do you like your peeps?

* Fresh and squishy out of the package
* Stale, aged also known as "Peep Jerky"
* Frozen "The Peepsicle"
* Floating in cocoa
* Microwaved, "The Gargantuan Nuclear Peep"