My Rose

Right before my second round of plastics my beautiful honey colored 18 year old kitty Prescott died. I was so worried about my other kitty Rose (his Mom) she paced around for days looking for him it broke my heart and then I took off for 5 days to Mexico for my plastics. My Mom was with her so she wasn't alone... but still. She wasn't that pleased with me when I came back and not at all impressed with my perky knockers. She's forgiven me ;) I think.

We miss Prescott terribly but we've developed a new routine and Rose seems to be adapting. She does have some strange new behaviors. Rose who never talked much (unless she was ticked) has become super vocal. She has this scratchy post/climbing structure in the garage and she will sit on top of it and sing and talk. She rattles on about something. I soooo wish I knew what the heck she was saying. Any pet psychics in my readership?

Other odd Rose things... she has this ratty old stuffed kitty she's had since she was a kitten that she now carries around in her mouth and dumps at our feet (a gift?) every night. She's also gotten really picky about food. She will never eat the same thing two days in a row and loves people food. I know so bad but hey she's 18 she deserves to be spoiled. She's one of my taste testers of recipes and recently gave my Stuffed Zucchini dish two paws up. She especially loves cheese and BBQ'd ribs.

She hates getting her picture taken and will do everything to mess up a shot but I managed to nab her a few times.

Getting scratched under her chin (her favorite)

My Girl