Fun at the Fair

The theme of the San Diego County Fair this year was "Out of this World" all space and science fiction stuff. Sci-fi isn't really my thing (I'm a romantic comedy or British classics type of girl) but even I got into the fun and I won 2nd place in the Candy Box Division for my Out of this World Chocolate Box filled with all Sugar Free Homemade Chocolates.

Top Left: "Total Eclipse of the Sun" - Sugar free dark chocolate dipped dried apricots
Top Right: "Bark at the Moon" - Sugar free white chocolate toasted pistachio and cranberry bark
Bottom Left: "Protein Planets" - You all know these as Shelly's Espresso Protein Truffles
Bottom Right: "Moon Rocks" - Sugar free dark chocolate with toasted unsweetened coconut and almonds

If you are a local SoCal pal and headed to the fair be sure to hit one of the gift shops or gift tents and pick up this year's fair cookbook where my last year's first place winning Ghirardelli Chocolate Covered Cherry Protein Smoothie (it's weight loss surgery friendly too) is featured on page 36.

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Melisa Marie McConnell said...

Shelly, CONGRATS on winning at the fair! All of your candy looks DIVINE!!
I can only image how wonderful it tastes, Hubby and I use MANY of your recipes!!
I have not yet tried your espresso protein truffles, but I am going to print the recipe out and try them!

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and as always, making food taste just as yummy as the non-healthy stuff! :)

~Melisa Marie

Lana in MI said...

Shelly, once again you amaze us! I have to tell you...YOU should do a cookbook !!!! PLEASE!!! I'd buy one!!! I know several people that would too! HINT HINT :) said...

Congrats!! So much fun. You inspire me.

Irma B said...

Hai Michelle,

Congrats with the second place in the competition! It looks great, again! Melisa Marie, the truffles taste delicious, really you have to try them! Michelle, the apricots with chocolate.... Mmm another simple but great idea! Thank you so much, you give me inspiration every day!

Did you wear a scifi-outfit as well?

Enjoy your day!

Grtz, Irma

Ruth in NorCal said...

Congratulations on your win, Shelly! It's nice to see sugar-free being rewarded and on display so people at the fair can be inspired to get creative and make healthier choices. As always, they look yum! :P

Have a fabulous week! Ruth

Anonymous said...

Shelley - I am so excited about your run of wins! And your food is such a blessing. I would love to make your minimuffins (and actually posted on an old page which I can no longer find), but do not eat coconut. You use a small amount in most of the recipes. Any idea for a substitute? Thanks and congrats!!

T2Nashville said...

Congrats, Shelley, on the win! I made the Protein Truffles last week, and they are amazing. A wonderful snack, morning pick-me-up...delicious!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thank you guys!!!

Robin, Almond Flour... though if its not an allergy thing and just an aversion to coconut I'll add you don't taste it.

Dana said...

Already like you on FB and follow you on Twitter - *and* I tweeted about your giveaway.

Do I get an extra entry since we share the same birth date?

Happy June 28th birthday, from a fellow June 28th'er.


Milton said...

Wheee! Another great contest. Fingers crossed, toes too.

mcnerd2012 at

Yup you are liked!

Robin Probst said...

Another wonderful contest. Woo Hoo! What a great reason to celebrate 6 years since your surgery, you are a real inspiration to me. All your healthy meals and all the work you do for this blog. I am 7 months post op down 80 lbs. 60 lbs to go. I have been going back to weight watchers for the mental part of it and recommend your site to them as well. Thank you and Happy Birthday, 29 and holding!

Rita Moon said...

Love you recipes, they are tasty without breaking the rules.

Anonymous said...



Cindy said...

Hi Shelli, tried you red, whit and blue breakfast parfait. It was awesome. Something else to have for breakfast these days. LOVED IT!