Heads up: Sugar Free Torani Holiday Pack

Just a heads up for my fellow Sugar Free Torani loving pals... Amazon has a groovy holiday variety pack available (not sure for how long) but it's a GREAT deal and FREE SHIPPING. Woot! I nabbed one.

It's on lightning deal for the next 3 hours (or till supplies run out) which saves some $$ then it's back to regular price (still a good deal)

Includes: 2 - Sugar Free Vanilla, 1 - Sugar Free Peppermint, 1 - Sugar Free Classic Caramel, 1 - Sugar Free Gingerbread, 1 - Sugar Free Classic Hazelnut which is slightly different from the regular variety pack they offer which is 1 Sugar Free Vanilla, 1 - Sugar Free Classic Hazelnut, 1 - Sugar Free Classic Caramel, 1 - Sugar Free Chocolate, 1 - Sugar Free Raspberry and 1 - Sugar Free Irish Cream.

Special Holiday Variety Pack
Regular Variety Pack

Grab it while you can. I love my Torani Syrups.

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Susan Thompson said...

thanks! Got one in time!

Acliz12 said...

Thank you so much! I am getting mine in 2 days!


Sandra said...

Thanks Shelly....I ordered mine and also got a great dela on sugar free raspberry also.......

littlesky said...

I actually don't need any of those flavors...lol. It's a great deal for those who did.

I do wanna say the gingerbread flavor in coffee is amazing!