Monday, October 11, 2010

Caution: Dip Ahead

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was Rod Run weekend here in my neighborhood. It's a vintage car show and weekend of activities that takes over the town and as a result it is one of the very few times we don't have a Farmer's Market. The plan was to hit the neighboring town Sunday AM they have a small market but I woke up with a headache and thought maybe an early morning walk, breathing the crisp fresh air and getting the heart pumping might clear the cobwebs.

It was a gorgeous day. I saw at least 10 hot air balloons. I need to bring my camera, my cell phone camera is useless. I got some friendly "Good Morning" greetings from passing joggers that made me smile. Somewhere along the route I realized my headache was gone. On the way home I stopped for coffee and chatted with the 20-something year old clerk. She asked the perfunctory "How's your day going?" I said, "Great, just finishing up a walk." She crumbled up her nose and said something I would have said not too long ago, "Ewww, I hate to exercise!" and plonked change in my hand.

Now I'm not one of those post weight loss surgery people that spend hours at the gym now or have become personal trainers but I do enjoy a walk and try and get one in every day. It's nice "me time." I bring the iPod and before I know it I've walked a few miles and rocked out to an 80's music marathon. Most days I look forward to it but some days I have to drag my ass out there. Bottom-line... I never want to go back to this girl on the pier. So every day I move the body.

I got home and I whipped up this super yummy protein packed snack...

Shelly's Toffee Apple Dip

1 square of Sugar Free English Toffee (Walgreens or online)
3 oz. Greek Yogurt (I used 2% Plain Fage)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free English Toffee Torani Syrup (SF Caramel would work too)

Whiz toffee square in a mini food processor till pulverized, add yogurt & syrup. Whiz till well combined.

Shelly's Chocolate Protein Toffee Apple Dip

1 square of SF English Toffee (Walgreens)
3 oz. Greek Yogurt (I used 2% Plain Fage)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free English Toffee Torani Syrup (SF Caramel would work too)
2 Tablespoons Chocolate Protein Powder

Whiz toffee square in a mini food processor till pulverized, add protein, yogurt & syrup. Whiz till well combined.

Great with apple slices, banana chunks, strawberries, celery, baby carrots, chunks of protein cake, mixed fruit skewers, after a BBQ with grilled fruit skewers or just with a spoon.

I think I'll be making this one again for Halloween. I already have the movie for a creepy movie night and this dip will be the perfect snack.

I did end up hitting the nearby Farmer's Market, stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies and have a ton of yummy plans for the week. Hope everyone has a nice one.

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ramblinsuze said...

I am *so* with you on never going back. Just a few years ago, I could barely walk to the end of my mom's driveway to get the paper. Friday, I walked over 4 miles easily. Wow. I *LOVE* my WLS!!!!

battynurse said...

I hear you on never wanting to go back to being that person I was before surgery. I feel so much better it's amazing. I think back to my last several trips to Disneyland and how by the second day I could barely walk. I hated that.
I too go out and walk daily. Most days I go twice. It's not always easy and some days the only thing that gets me going is the dog wanting to go out but I feel better afterwards.

Nkara said...

wow does that look good. I'm going to try that one.

I have to say I don't like exercise but I'm finding I enjoy the Jazzercise classes I started taking. I get a good work out and it's really fun. Even if I'm going in the other direction as everyone else in the class. lol