Rite of Passage

Well I completed a post weight loss surgery rite of passage. I renewed my passport.

Wow. What a difference 10 years and -158 pounds makes!

They are so darn expensive to renew. I held out till it was almost expired but I was starting to get questioned at the border.


PsychoChris said...

You were already gorgeous...now you are skinny and gorgeous.



Miss Soul said...

Congrats...you've done well, amazingly well

Linda said...

Shelly - That is amazing. Can you believe it? I mean does it ever really hit home...? Sometimes I have to put on my pre surgery jeans for a reality check.

Camper said...

Hi, Shelly I haven't seen much being made with the new Vita Mix are you still using it. I bought one hoping to follow in your wonderful Journey that you are on. You have inspired me in every way shape and form I could not of done this without your guidance. I look forward everyday to see what you have posted. Also what's up with the Bike you still riding?
Congrates on your weightloss. Keep the recipes coming. I would love to meet you at a upcoming event if possible. Have you ever thought of writing a book about your JOURNEY you really should, with all that you inspire sounds like a good idea to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. I got the bike ride everyday, and walk down 117 from a size 20 to a 4
I look forward to more recipes.
Hope all is well with your MUM
Take care & thanks again for everything.

Monique said...


MK said...

Wow, I have a special phobia of the terrible lighting of password / DMV photos, but you look fantastic. 10 Years doesn't show a bit, you look full of energy + youth. Contgratulations on another "yipee!"

Carolyn said...

You look great, such a difference... you must be so happy, I had my wls rny in august 2008, so I'm just a year out last week, seeing my changes every day, but it's so good to see someone else doing so well! Thanks for the bento ideas too, I love your blog and your twitter updates.

Chelsea's Mom said...

I recently ran across my (never used) passport and wow. I remember when I had the photo taken I thought I looked so pretty. Loved that picture. Now I look at it and think..well, wow! I still think I was pretty, but I'm down roughly 152 pounds from that time. Mine expires soon too, and while I haven't used it I think I may get it renewed just in case. The other "wow" is that I weight about 80 pounds less than the weight I lied about on my driver's license!! :o) Life is good. Thanks for all your lovely posts! And you look maaaaahvalus!!!