Clamoring for clams

Oh yeah a White Clam Tortilla Pizza. If you are from New York or Connecticut you understand how awesome this pizza is... people in other states usually need some convincing. Clams on pizza?!? Trust me. You will love it.

Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with Pesto Sauce, Provolone, Clams (I used a 6.5 oz. can of drained Snow's Chopped Clams for 2 pizzas), Ricotta, Oregano and a liberal snowfall of Parmesan.

Ooooh and my kitties were in heaven with this meal too because they scored the drained clam juice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, i love your posts and look forward to reading them daily! I am six weeks out and have really appreciated being able to use your site for WL friendly recipes, thank you!

I have a question for you, i live in Southern CA as well, Ventura County and have such a hard time finding some of these products. Ie. the Mission Carb Control Tortillas, my Ralphs doesn't have them. Do you have to search everywhere for each item you buy, or do you purchase everything from Amazon. As well, on Amazon, the quantity can be large, and not knowing if the item even works for you doesn't make that option as attractive....Any suggestions!


Michelle said...

Hey Kelly, Fellow CA gal... TY. I buy mine at Winco Foods or Albertson's. Here's the product locator from the Mission web site you can do a zip code search for them in your area. Hope it helps:

A pal of mine uses a product called Flat Out Wraps which are similar in nut value (bigger though)


kerrig said...

OMG! There is (was) this pizza joint in Mission Beach that my hubby & I would go to & I would always get the clam giant slice....MMMMMMMMMM I will have to try your recipe. I haven't had it since we left CA 5 yrs ago. Missing it..

Michelle said...


Yeah someone who appreciate the wonderfulness that is a white clam pie :)

It's a hard sell but once people taste it they will be sold.