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1. Everywhere you turn lately people are chatting up cold brew coffee. Cold brewing is a no-heat brewing process. It's basically coarsely ground coffee (any you like, fully leaded, decaf, flavored, whatever) that steeps for about 20 hours in cool water. The result is a low acid (so better for those that suffer from GERD acid reflux or have stomach issues when they drink coffee) and a smoother, sweeter taste (no heat = no bitterness.) Starbucks is making it now, you can buy a bottle at Trader Joe's. A few other companies make it but it's pretty pricey. Trader Joe's bottle is $7.99, I've seen some for $12 a bottle. I am loving this 6-cup Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System.

I make a pitcher of cold brew coffee overnight, it lasts 2 weeks in the fridge, and I can make almost 20 iced coffee drinks per batch. I've already saved the price of the machine in fewer coffee shop visits. I pour about 2-3 oz of cold brew coffee over ice cubes, add milk of my choice and a few pumps of sugar free coffee flavoring (SF Torani, Davinci, those SF flavored Creamers) and... slurp.

If you don't have a Toddy system you could Google search making it home (involves cheesecloth, strainers, canning jars, not hard but not as convenient or easy to clean up.) Not a coffee lover (who are you people?! LOL) it also makes great tea. Anyway if you are looking for another low calorie drink option to stay hydrated and cool down in the summer heat, check it out.

2. Have you made these Quest Protein Bar Cookies yet? I must admit I am obsessed, because... well I just HAVE to try all the bar flavors turned into cookies. So far Strawberry Cheesecake turned cookie is my favorite with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough coming in a close second. Next up Vanilla Almond and S'mores.

I need more mouths to share them with. Oooh it would be fun to have a few support group members each make a batch to bring to a meeting and you can have a Quest Bar Cookie Swap. Everyone gets a sample of each flavor... though some (chocolate chip type ones) taste best warm and gooey from the oven. Hmmm I think the TSA might have issues if I started to travel with a toaster oven.

3. A few articles that crossed my radar this week that are worth a read...

How to Talk About Obesity
Being “fat” is the most common reason children are bullied
Great resource that shows State-specific Essential Health Benefits (EHB) and what specific obesity-related services and treatments are covered by each benchmark plan.
This article has a brief overview of some of the current FDA approved obesity treatments.

And exciting... 2 of the fitness instructors at next month's #YWM2015 Your Weight Matters National Convention are in the news: Robanne Robin who teaches our Hip Hop class was featured in a UK publication and Abby Lentz who will be sharing Yoga for Every Size and Ability is one of the cover stories in this month's Prevention magazine.

4. Advocacy made easy. The Obesity Action Coalition is asking for support on 2 important topics: Access to Care (Treat & Reduce Obesity Act TROA) and Weight Bias & Fat-Shaming (Ban the F Word Campaign) with just a couple of clicks of your mouse you can help.

5. Heads up: I've got a couple of giveaways starting soon! Both here on the blog and if you are an instagram follower of mine always be on the lookout for my Pop-Up Giveaways. They are sort of mini versions of my blog giveaways and can happen at anytime. I had a migraine that lasted almost 4 days... so you'll see a lot more posts the next few weeks as I catch up a bit. Lots of fun stuff. Check back!

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