Flavor Your Adventure: Beach Day Snacks

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is grab a few snacks and find a great view to enjoy for an hour or two. It doesn't get much better than watching the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. It's an hour drive, so my Mum and I gassed up and took off to have a little 1/2 day adventure.

If you were craving something savory or sweet I had you covered. Our savory snack was: Hummus with lots of veggie dippers and Blue Diamond Salt n' Vinegar Almonds. Be sure you always have plenty of water for your adventures.

This was our view. Ahh... I could feel the stress of the week melting away with each wave.

We also made a stop at my favorite Farmer's Market. Take a look at these squash I bought...

and my favorite Reed avocados are in season...

Before heading home, we made one last stop at the ocean and ate our sweet treat... a few fresh cherries and Blue Diamond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almonds, the combo is out of this world, like a chocolate covered cherry.

I freeze the cherries the night before my adventure so they are just thawed when I'm ready to gobble them up, cold and refreshing in the summer heat.

I'm headed to a conference in San Antonio in a few weeks and keeping a tight rein on my budget till then but a 1/2 tank of gas and some snacks I can manage. I highly recommend heading off on a 1/2 day adventure... find a park, a lake, a beautiful tree to sit under, a farmers' market to poke around.

It was a perfect day... delicious snacks, fresh air and the beauty of nature, add someone you love to the mix and some great conversation and laughs... that's stuff summer memories are made of.

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