Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Here's what I ate yesterday...

Breakfast: A dollop of Greek Yogurt (sweetened with a little SF Vanilla Torani Syrup) Strawberries, and topped with a squirt of No Sugar Added Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream.

Eggface Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Menus Food Recipes

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Lunch: This was one of those "why have I not done this before now?!" meals. It's sort of a Mexican Shepherd's Pie. So good. This will definitely be put on rotation at my house. Cinco de Mayo is coming up this might have to be on the menu instead of the usual Crockpot Carnitas.

Eggface Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Menus Food

Shelly's Individual Tamale Pie

1/4 lb. Ground Beef (or Turkey or Chicken)
1/2 Yellow Onion, diced
2 small Zucchini, sliced
1/4 cup Chopped Tomatoes, diced
1/2 teaspoon Oregano
a few twists Black Pepper
Salt to taste
2 Green Chili & Cheese Tamales

Saute beef till no pink is seen, drain any fats. Set aside. Saute onion and zucchini till just tender and starting to get a little color. Mix in cooked beef, tomatoes and seasonings. Spoon evenly into 4 ramekins.

Eggface Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Menus Food

If you are using frozen tamales (I used Trader Joe's Green Chili & Cheese, any flavor will do) nuke them per instructions and then mash with a fork. For freshly made skip the nuking and just mash. Form into 4 patties and place like a lid on top of filled ramekins. Bake at 30 for 25 minutes.

You could certainly make these vegetarian or instead of cooking any meat, use up leftovers like grilled or rotisserie chicken.

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Dinner: I had a phone meeting then ran some errands... I was going to make a Caprese Salad for dinner but I saw that Burger Lounge had opened (SoCal locations only) and I thought I'd give it a try instead. I had been craving a juicy burger for a few weeks. The choices are great all organic, grass fed meat. They have beef, bison, turkey, and a quinoa & black bean veggie patty. I got the beef, had them wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun, grilled onions, cheese, no sauce.

Healthy Fast Food Option Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Food Ideas

Mmmm so good. I put a good sized dent in the burger, my mouth wanted more but my rearranged guts said otherwise (ALWAYS listen to the guts.) What I ate was delicious though.

Most any burger joint will do a lettuce wrapped burger on request some are better at wrapping than others. In & Out Burger calls it Protein Style, Five Guys places it on a bed of lettuce so a knife & fork is required, Red Robin, etc. even the fast food places will do it.

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Snacks: Too much coffee and a hunk of a Premier Protein Chocolate Mint Protein + Fiber Bar. I love these... they taste like those little, rectangle Andes Mint Chocolates. They are a great Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie alternative.

Snacks Eggface Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Menus Food

More Days in my Pouch

I'm sitting here now planning my Easter menu. I think I'm going to repeat that yummy salmon dish I made the other day. I'm just not feeling ham. It's been pretty warm here and I usually made Split Pea soup with ham leftovers.

If you haven't put your name in the hat for the current giveaway be sure to do that. It ends Sunday at midnight pacific. Winner announced sometime Monday.

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