Life After Weight Loss Surgery Q & A - I've stopped losing weight, any tips?

Questions and answers, one post-op's thoughts on life after weight loss surgery.

Q. I have stopped losing weight and can't seem to get going on eating right or exercising. Do you have any tips for me?

A. If you aren't planning your meals at least a day in advance I would suggest that... that way you know what your eating day will look like. Use a free online calculator or App: My Fitness Pal or Fitday. Do it for a week or so at least and see calories, fats, carbs, proteins and make sure they are still where your Dr's plan want them to be. It's easy to let carbs creep up, protein go down, and portions increase. Once and awhile enter your day and get a reality check so to speak. You can usually see what needs to be adjusted.

The idea behind weight loss surgery is to use the first year to make lifestyle changes that you then just continue. Your sentence "can't seem to get going on eating right or exercising" makes me think you didn't or did and then gave it up... you want to think about WHY... only you know that... then find the professional to help you overcome whatever your WHY is...if it's not eating the healthiest (a dietitian), some emotional stuff going on (therapist), finding time or an exercise you enjoy (take some classes or join a team, walk at the least, add extra steps into your day), lack of support (support groups: online and in the real world, YWM2015.) Remember this mantra... "we can't continue the same behavior and expect a different result." Good for you for realizing a change needs to happen. Talk to your Dr. they can help guide you.

It is easy to get lulled into thinking the scale will always go down but it still goes both ways and nothing magically happens the day after you reach that goal weight... just more of the same... eating the best you can, moving every day and working on the head stuff but we aren't alone (lots of pals on the same road) and there is help for us if we need it. All we have to do it ask. There is no shame in saying, "I thought I had this but I guess I don't, help me" 

Build your team... Dr, therapist, dietitian, support groups, family and friends to help. Obesity is a chronic disease and requires chronic treatment... Dr's get this or at least they should if their degree is worth the paper its written on. I look at obesity like a war... I'm not gonna fight a war alone... I want a team, someone who has my back, snipers, special ops, medics, etc.

Best to you!!

Best laid plans was to make this an on-going blog series. I'll try and do more of them. Of course it's just one post-ops perspective and **we're not one size fits all** but... I hope it helps. Some of the past Q & A's:

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