Healthy Protein Shake Recipes: JLo Jennifer Lopez's Spinach Protein Smoothie

I read an article the other day that said Jennifer Lopez (JLo) drinks a protein smoothie every morning. She said, "I knew the stuff that I was eating wasn’t giving me energy. I realized that after a while, and I was feeding this to my kids. Is this good for them?" she said. "So I was ready to try something different. This smoothie tastes fresh, and you’re doing something good for yourself. It makes a huge difference."

Jennifer made her comments about the smoothie while helping launch, "The Center for a Healthy Childhood," a new initiative between her Lopez Family Foundation and Montefiore Health System in her old 'hood... the Bronx. The Center will help provide mothers, children and families in the Bronx resources, healthcare and education. I love how she is paying her blessings forward.

She shared the smoothie recipe so you know I had to try it out. Here's JLo's Spinach Protein Smoothie with some slight Eggface adaptations in parentheses.

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JLo's Spinach Protein Smoothie

1 handful Spinach
1 frozen Banana (I used 1/2)
1 cup Milk (JLo uses Rice Milk, I use Soy Milk for more protein)
2 scoops Almond or Sunflower Butter (I used 1 heaping Tablespoon Almond Butter)
1 scoop Protein Powder (I used Vanilla)

I searched the interwebs for a clearer recipe but no luck. The cooking term "scoop" when referring to protein powder is pretty standard. I use it myself and yes there are variations in scoop size from brand to brand but they are usually slight enough that it doesn't matter much... but "scoops" referring to the almond butter amount is what I questioned... that's not a typical measurement for almond butter and I find it hard to believe JLo is drinking "2 scoops" of almond butter in her shake every morning probably more like 2 Tablespoons but even that is a lot for one unless you are dancing 4 hour concerts. I used 1 heaping Tablespoon, seemed perfect to me. Whizzed everything in the blender on high and voila.

Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Health Fitness Workout Breakfast

Verdict: Jenny from the Block's Protein Smoothie is yummy and it's a really pretty shade of green too. Other than the color you'd never know there was spinach in it, the banana completely masks it. It's sweet but not too sweet. If you like sweeter shakes maybe a little Sugar Free Torani Syrup (SF Vanilla or Mmmm SF Almond would be great in it) the frozen banana was great as a thickener and made it colder but I think next time I'll add a couple of ice cubes to make it even more frosty.

Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Health Fitness Workout Breakfast  

Her smoothie did give me a little boost of energy, felt like I could get "on the floor" and bust out some "Fly Girl" moves of my own. Give it a try.

Not into the spinach thing... Here are some of My Favorite (spinach free) Protein Shakes and Smoothies.