Obesity Action Coalition Your Weight Matters Convention Scholarship

I am so excited to share this awesome news. The Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" National Convention is the one event I believe EVERYONE needs to attend. The education is amazing, the opportunity to learn how to be an advocate for an issue that affects us and those we love, the fun and support system building. This is a hard war and having some fellow fighters on your side is a help believe me. I know financially though it is not always feasible. The Obesity Action Coalition wants to make attending Convention a reality for any individual with a desire to learn more about their weight and health, and this includes those who may not have the financial means to cover all the costs associated with taking part in an in-person meeting.

The OAC has proudly created the Convention Scholarship Program to help individuals by awarding grants to fund or offset the associated expenses in attending the Convention. I told you it was AWESOME news.

The OAC will award a minimum of $7,500 in scholarship awards in 2014. Any individual who is interested in receiving a scholarship to attend the Convention is eligible to apply, with need for the scholarship to be determined with the following weighted criteria:

Statement of Financial Need (50%);
Impact of Obesity on Your Life (35%);
Your Intent for Attending the Your Weight Matters Convention (15%)

George Washington University will act as the designated outside third-party to handle the review of all Convention Scholarship applications, which will ensure an objective evaluation process. The OAC will not have any involvement in the evaluation or selection of the scholarship recipients. I am personally glad of this as a Board Member that would be so hard to decide.

Individuals who have already registered to attend the 2014 National Convention are also eligible to receive scholarship awards and are welcome to submit an application.

CLICK HERE FOR PROCESS and FULL DETAILS. Go now. Apply. Tell friends too. I mean it no one should miss this and now NO ONE HAS TO. It's a life changing event and... we'll get to hang out!


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