New Product Alert - Trader Joe's (Jose's) Chicken Asada

I spotted this the other day at Trader Joe's and tossed it in my cart. Trader Joes (José's) Chicken Asada, is a fully cooked, heat-and-serve marinated chicken dish. The chicken is marinated in fruit juices then grilled with mild poblano and red peppers and sweet onion. To prepare all you need to do is microwave it for 3 minutes or so to reheat. I love meals like this for nights you just don't want to cook but still want something warm and satisfying. You will find it in the refrigerator section. The generous 15 oz. package was $5.99.


It's super tasty and will definitely be something I pick up again. Oodles of protein. My one complaint is the amount of chicken to veggie ratio. They give you TONS of chicken. I sliced it up and literally you could assemble at least 10 tacos with it. The amount of veggies on the other hand doesn't match up to the amount of chicken and to me are just a flavor component and not a veggie "side."

You'll want to add a veggie. Grilled or sauteed zucchini would be great or I make that yummy Calabacitas squash dish or slice it up and turn it into a "Fajita-style" Salad (with lettuce, shredded cheese and a dollop of Greek yogurt) or do what I did and turn it into a one pot meal. After I nuked the chicken I sliced it up and heated it with a can (rinsed and drained) of Cannelini Beans.

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