Eggface Meet & Greet: 'Twas the night before...

Tomorrow is our Southern California Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet. I'm so excited to meet & make some new friends and catch up with old pals. Yesterday I finished stuffing the goodie bags. I'll be sure to snap a picture of the contents today and share it after the event. The contents are EPIC and if you are weight loss surgery peep you'll want to be in the know about the products for sure. I sat on the patio yesterday evening and finished the giveaway prizes. There are 20 prizes if I remember correctly. Here's a photo of just some of them...

Reminders to those attending:

*It is a FREE (but SOLD OUT) event. If you missed out we'll see you next year.

*We are in a great building (The Harveston Center) with oodles of chairs & tables but we are right next to a lake with great paved walking trails (approx. 20 minutes to walk around the whole lake) and a park so bring some lawn chairs if you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunny day or are staying after they kick us out at 3, we also have a private patio area so we can set up chairs there too.

*There are no speakers/Dr's/plastic surgeons just a group of pre-ops/post-ops getting together to meet & make new friends and reconnect with old for support and friendship. Lots of stories, laughter, & pictures on the agenda!

*Bring your before (if applicable) pictures to share

*There's plenty of free parking

*Light weight loss surgery friendly refreshments will be served

*The first 50 (WLS post/pre-ops only) will receive a goodie bag filled with AWESOME products

*We'll have drawings for giveaway prizes

*Dress is super casual (I'm doing jeans & a t-shirt)

*We're having a protein & vitamin exchange so bring the stuff you hate. One post-ops monkey's you-know-what is another's yummy treat ;)

Please have no fear or anxiety (a trait I think many of us wls-ers have) about coming you will have a GREAT time!

Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

This guy tried to share my bento lunch last week when I was at the lake. 

Watch out for him.

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P.S. Still working on live video so we can say hello to everyone. Will post & tweet info/url if I hear anything. If anything be sure to follow hashtag #socalwls on twitter for some live tweets.

*Update* Log on to attendees should be able to pop in and say hello (fingers crossed it works) and as mentioned before... we'll be tweeting with #socalwls on