Eggface vs. the Bull

Thought I'd share the photographic evidence of my battle with the bull last week.

A group of WLS tweeters and facebookers got together in Old Town Temecula, California for dinner, dancing and mechanical bull madness. We called our get-together the SoCal Hoedown.

It was definitely a wow moment. When I walked up to the booth to pay for my ride the sign said, in big bold print, Weight Limit 235 pounds. No Exceptions! and below it, looming was a weight scale. Since I was pushing 300 pounds before weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) just over 4 years ago that would have meant me. Weight limits were always holding me back from having experiences with friends. When I read the sign it reminded me of an emotionally painful bumper boat incident several years ago.

Now -158 pounds lighter give or take a pound or two, nothing is holding me back. I paid my $5 and grabbed the bull by the horns. It was such a fun night. We're going to do it again in January so if you are in the Southern California area I hope you can join us. You don't have to ride the bull... lots of other things to do... chatting with new friends, pool tables, dancing,... I'll announce the date & time in the What's Eggciting tab above.

A few of the friends...

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