Weight Loss Surgery & The Pier

A day like I had yesterday reminds me of how different life is after having weight loss surgery.

I remember the first time I went to the Oceanside Pier. It was a warm summer night. I had gone with a group of friends to see a movie at the theater a few blocks away and someone in the group suggested we walk the few blocks to the pier. Sounds lovely huh... not to the 295 pound girl in the group. The 4 block walk to the pier had me feeling like I was gonna die. Hot, sweaty, in pain. Forget about carrying on light conversation as we walked. As my skinny friends chatted on about the movie it took me all I had just to breath.

Finally, I made it to the pier. There it was... all 1,942 feet of it stretching out into the blue Pacific. Ughhh. More walking. My mind started racing. I needed time to recover after all, we still needed to walk back.

So into survival mode this girl went. The excuses started...

"Something is wrong with my shoe"
"I've seen the end of the pier before" (I hadn't)
"I'm gonna sit on this park bench and have a cigarette."

It was the college years, I smoked back then I know that probably didn't help the breathing situation but it did give me a good excuse. After a little argument from my group of friends I was left on a park bench while they walked on.

Whew. Time to cool down, breath, recover and stress about the walk back.

I know some of you reading this can relate. Some of you are still living it.

Fast forward to yesterday...

I walked the 4 blocks down to the pier, walked the length of the pier, then I walked 4 miles to another beach. Then I went to the Carlsbad Outlets walked around for a few hours, then Costco, then... well you get the point. Post weight loss surgery I never broke a sweat. I was tired at the end of the day but in a good way not in a gasping for air, my chest is gonna explode, dripping with sweat sort of way.

I've been to the end of the pier many many times since having surgery but every time I get to the end and stare out at the beautiful blue ocean I am thankful I had weight loss surgery.

Here are some pictures from my day...