New Product Alert: Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites

A couple of weeks ago I read about this new breakfast item coming to the Starbucks menu and I was so excited. Yesterday, a reader (& barista) gave me the heads up that Sous Vide Egg Bites were now available in stores. I hadn't had breakfast yet so I walked over to my local Starbucks to give them a try.

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Sous Vide is a cooking technique where an item is vacuum-sealed and cooked in a hot water bath at a very consistent temperature without the use of added fats or oils. The result of the technique to these egg bites is a tender, velvety texture, sort of halfway between scrambled eggs and a quiche.

I love that Starbucks finally has this bread free breakfast (or anytime really) option as someone post weight loss surgery who has eliminated bread. I can imagine those affected by diabetes, those on a grain-free or gluten free diet, paleo or keto diet folks are cheering this new menu addition too. You know I love them because they are very similar to something I am already obsessed with for breakfast, my Eggface Egg Bites (aka crustless quiches.)

These Starbuck's Sous Vide Egg Bites come in 2 flavors:

Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper, 170 calories (2 per serving), 13 grams of protein - cage-free egg whites, Monterey Jack, cottage cheese, with spinach and fire-roasted red pepper. Vegetarian.

Bacon & Gruyere Cheese, 310 calories (2 per serving), 19 grams of protein - cage-free eggs, aged Gruyere and Monterey Jack cheese topped with a layer of Applewood smoked bacon.

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Verdict: I loved them both, I'd bring a friend, each order a different flavor and swap one of them so you get one of each flavor. I suppose if forced to choose, my favorite was the Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper. I love the savory roasted veggie flavor but... I might need another taste test to be sure.

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Well Kudos to you Starbucks... I was worried with the elimination of some of the Sugar Free syrup flavors lately (they axed SF Caramel & Hazelnut, still have SF Vanilla and Cinnamon Dolce) that Starbucks was starting to forsake its customers with health needs. This new menu item makes me hopeful.

Now... they are not cheap (prices in different markets may vary) I paid $4.45 for the pair and you can buy a dozen eggs and all the ingredients to make many batches of my egg bites with that but these will be a go-to for me when traveling and on days I'm out and about for convenience. Thanks Starbucks.

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P.S. For Weight Loss Surgery post-ops these are very soft and might be a good earlier option. Eggs often are hard going at first (lay a little heavy) but the cooking technique really helps.


Mari Smith said...

Thanks for the review! I saw them on the menu yesterday and was curious. I'd already had breakfast so I didn't order but I love that I have an option instead of the Egg White Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwich that I take the muffin part off of.

Gwendolyn said...

Very nice for when traveling!

Stephanie Stroud said...

Thanks for the review! I just saw them today and was wondering about them. I'll probably try both eventually. Like you said though, I really don't understand them removing any SF flavors, if anything I thought they might add some. SF Hazelnut was my favorite. I deal with SF Vanilla now but it's just not the same.

Mary Chavez said...

Looks great! Will definitely give them a try.

Lisa-Marie said...

yes! I saw them earlier today. I was so excited that I have a Starbucks food option & won't have to cook my own! (Whew! I ALMOST bought muffin tins) ;-)

Tammi Goff said...

I tried them this morning - split an order with my friend. Talk about velvety texture! These are definitely in the "yummalicious" category. Nice to have a bread/bun-free option for a quick grab & go breakfast/snack that's loaded with flavor.

Christine said...

you are the FIRST think I thought of when I saw these on the Starbucks menu on Monday! Then I ran home and made a batch of your confetti egg bites!! LOL Anyway, I'm so happy to see this option on the menu. It will come in handy when I'm traveling (which is pretty consistently most of the year) or on the run. Yay Starbucks, and yay Eggface!! :-)

Dawn said...

I really enjoyed Starbucks' egg bites, but yeah, they're pretty expensive. I'd buy them if I was travelling and couldn't find anything else, but I wouldn't buy these regularly. I loved the texture, though!

Denise Fuleihan said...

The egg white bites are excellent and they're low fat too bad they don't put turkey bacon inside of it

Desiree Gosson said...

My husband just pointed out to me that these great little snacks now have recipes developed by Anova (maker of my sous vide cooker) and I can't wait to try out some of your egg bite recipes in my cooker. Thanks for this wonderful blog, you have been an inspiration for me all during my pre and post op journey. I had RNY on 9/28/16 and I'm down 79 pounds!