Cool Product Alert: New Blueberry Muffin Quest Bar "Cookies"

Got my hands on some of the newest flavor of Quest protein bar: Blueberry Muffin. Verdict: yummy! It has little dried blueberries and the same graham chunks the S'mores bar has (if you've tried that one) I tasted it as is and then of course I had to turn them into "cookies" which I personally think is the best way to eat Quest bars. I love the portion control (1 bar = 8 cookies) because 2 cookies is always plenty for me but somehow I can eat more bar.... and some of the flavors I wasn't that fond of I tried again as "cookies" and I love them now. See the link below for how to make the cookies.

Here are the results...

Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Food RNY VSG Gastric Bypass Sleeve Recipes

Cooking Instructions: How to make Quest Protein Bar Cookies

An online source for the NEW Blueberry Bars and my favorite flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough too.

and I am giving a couple away in a Pop-up Instagram Giveaway (ends 9/10, winner announced 9/11) so go enter that.


Dawn said...

I just tried these and they're delicious. I tried them as cookies, too, but I think I like these better in the form of a bar. Also tried the oatmeal chocolate chip and like those as a cookie better. A little heavy on the cinnamon, but still good as a bar.

Libby said...

I had surgery on 8.15.16 & was introduced to your site.. and i LOVE it! I also entered this contest on Insta, and have screenshotted SO many of your recipes!