Obesity Action Coalition Photo Gallery: Refocus Obesity!

This year at the Your Weight Matters National Convention attendees were given a sneak peak at the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Image Gallery. The purpose of this gallery is to help refocus the perception of obesity and the way individuals affected by this chronic disease are depicted visually. All images are FREE.  

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The latest way the OAC is chipping away at the stigma and bias people affected by obesity face in the world. Have you ever glanced at a newspaper or online article about obesity chances are you have seen some of these photos used in them...

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an article about the OAC Gallery and this was my comment...
9/9/2016 3:20 PM PDT
I am sick of seeing the same photos of a headless someone sitting on a park bench in ill-fitted clothing next to a crumpled bag of fast food on EVERY. SINGLE. ARTICLE about obesity. It ignorantly simplifies what is a very complex issue and stigmatizes those affected by obesity. What other disease would we allow this to happen? Does every story about lung cancer have a person with a cigarette dangling from their mouth? No, of course not, because we know better, that would be stigmatizing, harmful and downright false and when you know better you do better. I hope media outlets utilize this gallery.
What I know... people affected by the disease of obesity are our Mom, Dad, best pal, firefighters, teachers, nurses, people who eat fast food and people who wouldn't touch the stuff with someone else's hand. We are people who dance, run and yes sometimes sit down on a park bench to eat lunch but we definitely all have a head ;) and we all deserve to be treated (and depicted through photos) with respect.

How I intend on spreading the word and I hope you will consider doing some of these too...

  • When I see an article that is using a stigmatizing photo I will comment online or write a letter to the editor or tweet a reply: As a person affected by obesity or as a reader of your paper or magazine (or website, tweets, posts, blog) I ask that you stop using stigmatizing images to depict people with obesity. Here is a source for free non-stigmatizing photos: http://www.obesityaction.org/oac-image-gallery
  • I will also spread the word about the OAC Gallery through posts and tweets (feel free to RT this one below):

  • When I see non-stigmatizing photos being used I will send a thank you and words of encouragement to continue doing the right thing