WLS Friendly Trim the Tree Party

Yesterday we started decorating for the holidays. We put my Spotify Christmas list on and I unwrapped all the ornaments and spread them out on the coffee table. Every ornament on our tree has a story and a memory attached to it and as we unwrap them each year we remember and tell the stories again. My favorite part.

We ate dinner earlier but it wouldn't be a party without a holiday snack so I set up this Holiday Drink Toppings Bar.

I had a basket of choices of drink mixes (NSA Cocoa, Fit Frappe, etc.), my Keurig, mugs, and oodles of weight loss surgery friendly toppings to jazz up our creations.

Crushed Sugar Free Starlight Mints
Cinnamon Sticks
NSA Malted Milk Powder
Sugar Free Torani Syrup
My Homemade No Sugar Added Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream (I use this groovy gadget)

Some other topping ideas: crushed nuts, grated SF chocolate, SF ice cream toppings, unsweetened coconut, powdered peanut butter.

Here's my creation...

Shelly's Peppermint Snowball

1/2 packet of Vanilla Fit Frappe
about a cup of Hot Water
Squirt of NSA Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
Sprinkle of crushed SF Peppermint candies

Add 1/2 contents of a Fit Frappe Packet to about a cup of hot water. I used my regular cup setting on my Keurig. Mix till dissolved. Top with whip and peppermint.

We're almost done with the tree. We did more talking and story telling then actual hanging of ornaments so I'll snap a picture of the finished product later on when hopefully the last is hung.

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Jennifer Miller said...

You're so creative! Love the drink bar!

jan said...

That drink bar was a great idea...I will remember that! Have a question for you, 2 actually.....Where can I find NSA Malted Milk Powder AND do you know of any place I can get multivitamins that DON'T have niacin/niacinamide in them? I react badly to that.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thanks Jennifer. It was a quick 10 minute after thought but you need something holiday & fun when you are decorating.


Jan, Amazon carries it (NOW foods) and I've seen it in health food/organic sort of grocery stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts.

On the vitamins... contact success@celebratevitamins.com if they don't have something themsleves I'm sure they can refer you out to someone, tell them eggface set you to ask.

Dr. Cheryl Ward said...

Michelle..thanks for the link to your Christmas Spotify songs...wonderful selection and I appreciate the share!

Lauren G. said...

I love the drink bar idea. My mom has the same cake stand too. :) I love that you can just change the ribbon and use it year round. I was going to ask about the NSA malted milk powder too. I loved chocolate malts presurgery and want to add it to my chocolate protein shakes but the regular has way too much sugar for my taste. I don't dump, I have a sleeve, but I'm still losing and I still don't eat white bread, pasta, rice, sugar, etc if I can avoid it. I can handle a few bites and walk away(miracle of miracles!) but I lose better w/o it. Now if I could just find the sugar free candy canes. :)

Barbara said...

Such a great idea.