Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

My yesterday in post weight loss surgery eating...

Breakfast: Remember my Greek Breakfast Bowl from the other day. I made an Italian version. I sauteed a couple of mushrooms till golden. Beat a couple of eggs with some a dash of oregano. Poured the mixture over the mushrooms. Scramble till done. I spooned the egg mixture in bowls and topped it with a few halved cherry tomatoes, chopped basil and Parmesan cheese. Lots of protein and a good start to the day.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Gastric Bypass Sleeve RNY VSG WLS Low Carb

Lunch: It was another hot day in my 'hood. We've had 100+ temps for well over a week now and I'll tell you it's really getting to me. In this heat I could literally not eat at all but I know that is not wise so I made myself a Chocolate Banana Fit Frappe.

A packet of Big Train's Chocolate Fit Frappe, 1/2 a frozen Banana, milk, ice, whiz on high. Yum. Icy cold and packed with protein.

Tip: When you have bananas that need using. Peel them, cut them into chunks, and toss them in the freezer in a Tupperware or Ziploc bag. They are great in protein shakes and smoothies. Makes them extra creamy and frosty.

Dinner: I made my infamous Crockpot Carnitas. You can eat them in tortillas (or when I was pre WLS I ate it on those Hawaiian Rolls) but I make it lower in carb and calories by eating them in little lettuce cups. Butter/Boston Lettuce leaf, clump of carnitas, a little avocado, a little cilantro, spoon of salsa, squeeze of lime, sprinkle of cheese. So good. So good that I forgot to picture them assembled before we ate them but here's what they look like made into little lettuce "tacos." I make them almost every Cinco de Mayo.

Pork Dinner Tacos Easy Slow Cooker Meals

Snacks: I received a Klout Perk in the mail. Basically Klout is a website that measures social influence so the more chit chat, retweets, etc. on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and the more Klout +K's you receive they determine a score and send you freebies. I don't get the way they score really but I've gotten a few cool freebies so I'm on there. So far I've received a few gift cards, new foods to try, free Moo cards, some pretty cool stuff. Well and a few lame ones... ummm men's underwear (yeah I have no man) and they seem to be obsessed with sending me wrinkle creams, I get at least one a month. I fear they are trying to tell me something, "Eggy, use these wrinkle creams and you will find someone to fill those underwear." ;)

Anyway... back to the Planter's Nut-rition Peanut Butter perk.

I stuck my teaspoon in each flavor (Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut, Berry Nut, Banana Granola Nut) as a taste test... I liked them all except for the Banana one which was a little fake banana tasting. The Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut was my favorite I kept that one and the others I sent to my neighbor for them to try, they have kids. Post weight loss surgery I can barely put a dent in a jar of peanut butter before it expires so I figured I'd taste them and pass on the Klout love.

I also had a bowl of cherry tomatoes with just salt, pepper and oregano on them (Nothing like cherry tomatoes in the summer. I'm addicted) and a cheese stick while I watched a little TV *hangs head in shame* it was a Real Housewives episode.

I'm not drinking as much coffee in this heat wave. I have been doing well with the water and I found these at Costco that are great (drank 3 yesterday.)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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~K said...

Me and the little miss are making your banana mini muffins today. My all-time fav!

Jeni Bynes said...

Hi! Love your site!

alan humphrey said...

alan humphrey

love your site!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of celebrate multivitamins! My surgery was June 25th, 2012. Still in the "honeymoon" phase and would love to have these goodies!


Anonymous said...


love your site....
you are sure and inspiration

Schantz said...

Love your blog, have tried so many recipes in the last 2 years

Mary Ferris said...

you are my inspiration ! I depend on you everyday for wisdom, humor and good ideas. Love your recipes, have tried many of them and keep them all for future reference. Would love to win this giveaway package cause need to try some new vitamins ! keep up your good and important work for all us WLS peeps :)

Janel said...

I have been very I'll for the last 2 years and I have to have several different surgries, I have MS and MG, I know they have to remove a section of my stomach due to MG damage and I have been learning from your site just how I am going to make it through. Thank you for sharing your life so others can learn.

Janel said...

Love your site, it works for me on so many levels

*bella said...

Hi! Recently found your blog and love it! I am currently pursuing WLS and with your inspiration and recipes, I know I can enjoy life and food in a healthier way after surgery too.

Thank you so much!

Sheila G. said...

Hi! I always enter your give-aways! Hopefully this time my name will be drawn, because I LOVE Celebrate Vitamins, the Max protein mix, and would love to win the rest of your package as well! I am your friend on FB! Thanks for giving us all your great recipes and fun information. I love to laugh, and you do make me laugh! Thanks! Sheila

Sandi Tucker-Stanbro said...

Hello! I am 8 days WLS post-op and am loving your website. Finding chewable vitamins that don't taste awful is a real struggle!

Sandi T -

beautifulalicia contreras said...

I absolutely love your site it has helped me so much to lose 45 pounds thank you soooo much.. keep it up
alicia :)

Melissa V said...

Thank you so much for all you do, especially your support for obesity care, treatment etc. I love that you not only focus on the food and exercise but you ensure people pay attention to the mental/emotional components. That kind of understanding is what will make a difference in the world for all of us.