Bentos and Band-Aids

Spending most of the day outside gardening yesterday = gnarly headache, achy arms (digging uses a lot of muscle groups), and a sore thumb. I think I'm getting old. 95% of this year's gardening attempt is planted. Oodles of tomatoes, herbs, and I'll be adding some zucchini, just one or two, 'cause if they do take off one or two can feed the neighborhood. Zucchini is scary like that. That's it, the rest I leave to the experts at the Farmer's Market grow. I've tried other things in the past and they just don't seem to like the heat of our summer or more likely I just don't have a green thumb for them.

Speaking of thumbs... I got a huge splinter in my thumb. I mean HUGE. I suppose I should have been wearing the pretty garden gloves I bought myself the other day but noooo they sat in the wheel barrow next to me. Note to self: next time if you don't want to spend the evening in agony picking dirty wood out of your appendages... wear the gloves. It wasn't all bad. I did stop to eat this yummy bento box lunch and in a few months I'll be hopefully eating just picked, warm from the sun, homegrown tomatoes. There's nothing like that.

Pink Box (top left): Just the Cheese Crunchy Cheese - Grilled Cheese flavor
Orange Box (top right): Sliced Cucumber
Blue Box (bottom left): Ham & Provolone Cold Cut Roll-up & Mustard for dipping (in little blue container)
Green Box (bottom right): Storebought Hummus with a dollop of Olive Tapenade that I dipped the cucumbers in.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and an even better week!

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amy said...

Thanks for sharing your bento box ideas and recipes. I'm Pre-surgery and it makes me feel better that there is a life after. Hope your finger feels better.

911spatcher said...

I agree, your recipes and information are a huge help to those of us who are pre and post surgery. BTW, I LOVE those "Just Cheese" good and the mini packs are just enough

Sandi said...

Hi Shelly
I am 15 months out and have hit a major plateau. I need to lose 18 more pounds, any suggestions?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thanks Amy. I think I got it all out, hopefully. LOL those tomatoes better taste AMAZING ;)


911: Me too. Great travel or purse emergency snack.


Hey Sandi, Whenever I hit a stall (most were 2 weeks, one was a month-long) I checked that my cals were still on track with (sparkpeople and nutritiondata are other sites) or there's apps. It's easy for them to start climbing especially if you don't meal plan.

I changed up the exercise... used some different muscle groups. I do (and have done) a lot of walking & hiking as my main form of exercise so I just did some cardio or garden projects instead for several days... as a little shock to the status quo.

I also made sure my protein was up to snuff... at least 70 g a day if not more and when you check the cals (check the source - be sure they are mostly protein)

That's it. Remember too what the BMI scale wants us at may not be where our body needs to be... I will never be an Olsen twin size (at 5'2" I'm supposed to be) it just isn't me. Maybe reassess (with your Dr) your goal weight?

Also if you are pre-plastics... perhaps its the weight of the excess skin. I went from size 8 to 4 pant post plastics.

Hope this helps a bit.

battynurse said...

I love me some Click. Thanks for introducing me to this stuff cause it's been a life saver. Funny too I just figured out it's creators are in Clovis, Ca which is right next to Fresno where I live!

Anonymous said...

i would love to win.

Stace said...

Such a cute lunch box! A friend suggested your blog to me. Looks like you have a lot of fun and unique recipes I want to try out. Excited to look around.