Weight Loss Surgery Twitter Group

It's been awhile since I mentioned our WLS Twitter Twibe. Thought it was time for a shoutout. What the heck is a twibe? A Twibe is basically a place where people with common interests (who are using Twitter) can find each other. Explained in depth here. Twitter is a great social networking medium but unless you combine it with Twibes it's just you talking to cyber space. A Twibe is like a cyber party of your similar interest pals, a place to meet up and learn about each other. By the way there are Twibes for everything you can imagine from football to knitting to scuba diving to thrift store shopping.

If you are on Twitter and want to find other WLSers (all surgery types, all stages, pre-ops, post-ops, & everyone in between) be sure to add your twitter name to The Weight Loss Surgery Twibe. Once you have added your name to our Twibe roster other members know about you and can add you to their twitter stream. We often tag tweets with the hashtag #WLS. We have quite a large group now (800+ members), so someone is always around 24/7 to chat, share their experiences, offer support or a kick in the toosh when needed. Awesome tweeps!

So if you are tweeting be sure to become a WLS Twiber too. Click here to join us.

Here's a little interview about why I created the WLS Twibe.

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