Monday, October 4, 2010

Surviving to Thriving

I encourage you to watch the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America’s 20 minute inspirational film "Surviving to Thriving."

My lovely pal Antonia Namnath, fellow WLSer, and Founder and CEO of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America had a viewing party for the film the other night and shared with me some pictures of the WLS friendly buffet they served. I was honored to have one of my recipes included. Check out those beautiful Crab Imperials.

BTW Click on the What's Eggciting tab above to find out more about the May 2011 Las Vegas Meet & Greet sponsored by the WLSFA. I'll be there. Hope to meet some of you!

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Seeing in colour said...

My gosh what a story..... this was amazing and to see that Connie finally gets the surgery is such a blessing..... what an amazing story from those amazing twins!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it.

battynurse said...

Oh, that thing in Vegas sounds like fun. And that is totally driveable for me.

Chelsea's Mom said...

Wow! That video left me in tears - tears of remembering how things were, tears of gratitude for where I am now and tears of happiness for Connie! Very moving! Wish I had the means to donate to them, but maybe some day!!

Mary Erb said...

Oh Shelly! This video was so incredible. I hope that millions of people see it and learn that fat people are people too. That they have dreams and families and lives that cry for our support as members of our communities. I am so glad you are part of my community. I look forward to meeting you in May at the conference. I hope you do put your recipes into a book. It would be more than a bestseller! Thank you for sharing Connie's story. Affectionately, MaryM