Repurposing revisited

Repurposing: Transforming leftovers into something equally as yummy. The goal is for them to taste & look so completely different you don't realize you are having leftovers.

Here's the latest example of repurposing. Yesterday's dinner leftovers became this super yummy Tortilla Pizza for lunch...

Shelly's BBQ Steak Tortilla Pizza - Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with BBQ Sauce, leftover sliced Beef Kabob and Grilled Zucchini, Mozzarella Cheese, a sprinkle of Parmesan and Steak Seasoning.

More about Repurposing

*** Heads up on a great event coming up *** Toms Farm's, Corona, CA - November 7th. This is one of my favorite events each year. It's my Mum's favorite too. Here's a pic of us from last year.

The day consists of hanging out with old and new friends, a support group meeting, a protein exchange (one post-ops monkey's ass is another's tasty treat), a clothing exchange (any remaining clothing gets sent to a local shelter), lunch in one of the tasty restaurants, shopping in the gourmet cheese shop, veggie stand, or furniture/gift store. Tom's Farms web site. Organizers web site. It's a free event but donations are being accepted for the space rental.

It's an all day thing starts at 9AM. Bring your family, kids... it's a lot of fun. If you are close enough to come. Please do.


Cajuns Corner said...

I've been trying to figure out how to ask this question in a more private forum, but haven't been able to so far? I bought the Max Protein based upon your love of it, and I do admit it is good! One problem I am having with it though, is how much it foams up, and doesn't seem to settle down. I have a problem drinking any type of foam. So I was wondering if you have this problem, or if not what do you do to fix the problem? Love your blog btw!!! Thanks!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

TY glad you enjoy the blog.

I don't really have an issue with foam. Hmmm let's see I make mine for the most part in the blender. I add a lot of stuff frozen fruit, ice so it becomes more like a smoothie shop smoothie than a liquidy shake (kind of too thick to foam) but... maybe make it ahead of time and set it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Should settle down. Hope that helps!

~M is the blog email address.

Joyce said...

Hi Shelly,

I've grown to LOVE your site and check it out everyday now (I'm 5 weeks post RNY). I've tried many of the recipes and am just so grateful--thank you!

Q: I lost 25 pounds within the first 3 weeks. In the last week and a half I have not lost anything. I am struggling to stay hydrated, but am just wondering--was this your experience? If anything, I am not eating enough, but it is hard when I feel so full so quickly/easily. Do you know of people who "plateau" so early out? If so, wondering how long I can expect this to last.

Thanks--this is the BEST site!!


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Joyce,

Thanks for the lovely compliment. Congrats on your recent surgery!!

Yep it's a pretty typical stall time. Basically your body is just figuring out that its not going to be getting the amount of fuel (food) I'm used to? So it's trying to hold on for dear life to what it has. The body goes into a Hibernation mode (think bears in winter) it can't last given the input (food) & output (activity) so just keep on keeping on with the things you have control of: Protein (70g/day at least as soon as you can), water (flushes fat) and exercise. The scale will move again I promise and then it will stop again... just how it goes ;)

I spent 1 month at -80 lbs thought that was it... it moved again. -158 now.

Hope this helps a bit,

Diane said...

I have been working on the "respurposing" issue. In today's economy, I hate to see things go to waste. Tonight as a side dish to baked talapia I simmered a can of pintos with a T. of left-over taco seasoning, left-over sliced black olives, garlic, onion and some chopped green pepper. Quite tasty AND economical! Thanks for great ideas and inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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