Little Things

These are yummy little appetizers. They would be great Super Bowl Sunday or heck who needs an occasion I have "Tidbit Parties" or "Carpet Picnics" all the time. All you need are good friends and/or family, yummy weight loss surgery friendly snacks, and the ability to value the little things in life.

Shelly's Bacon Wrapped Chicken Nuggets

7 Chicken Tenders, boneless & skinless, cut into 1" pieces
10 slices Bacon, cut in half
Wooden Toothpicks
either Shelly's Apricot Ginger Sauce or a storebought BBQ sauce (or make a 1/2 batch of each flavor)
Dried Apricots

Partially cook bacon. You want it limp not crisp. Drain well on paper towels. Preheat oven to 450. Cut chicken breasts into 1 inch cubes. Dip chicken cubes into either BBQ sauce or Apricot Ginger Sauce. If using apricot ginger sauce place a dried apricot on top of chicken cube. Wrap each chicken cube with partially cooked bacon and secure with a wooden toothpick. Place on a cookie sheet.

Bake at 450 for 10 minutes; turn and bake 10 more minutes. Makes about 20 nuggets.

Shelly's Apricot Ginger Sauce

2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Apricot Jam (I use Smucker's Simply Fruit Apricot)
1/2 teaspoon Ginger, grated
1/2 teaspoon Garlic, crushed

Mix together. Make an extra batch for a dipping sauce for cooked nuggets.

If you like this... try this other Eggface dish: Shelly's Bacon-wrapped Pesto Shrimp

Highlights of the Day:

* My overactive insomniac imagination was wrong about something and for that I'm grateful. I was worried about a friend and turns out all was relatively well. It was funny then I read this today and I soooo needed to read it...

"Focusing on worst-case scenarios won’t keep bad things from happening. It will only keep you from enjoying the good things you have in the present."

The little things.

* More little things... I love that my Mum knows just when I need a hug. Not a lot of people in my life can read me like that.

* Right now. Listening to really "badd" tunes. Thinking about all that is good in my life (big and little.) Sipping on a new Hot Cocoa creation. It's like a Samoas Girl Scout cookie in a mug. Yum.

No Sugar Added Cocoa with a splash of SF Caramel Torani Syrup topped with a drizzle of Sugar Free Smuckers Caramel and Hot Fudge Sauces and a sprinkle of unsweetened Toasted Coconut.

Listening to (well and watching): "All 4 Love" Color me Badd Scary scary scary. Click on it if you need to giggle. Those shirts, the dance moves, I lost it in the talking part "Yo, come here sweetheart..."


Nikki said...

Ummm...excuse me...I used to LURVE Color Me Badd! I won a set of concert tickets one time in high school...but I couldn't use them because the concert was too far away and my parents wouldn't drive me! Devastation!

Thanks for the recipe. I may try this with my Thai chicken marinade as well (maybe without the bacon though) and serve with my peanut dipping sauce!

Liz said...

Thank you for such a great "finger food" idea for the Super Bowl!

OMG...Color Me Badd...I love love loved them in middle school! Hey...I was only 12 at the time!

Penney said...

Holy blast from the past, Batman!! That made my day! I loved that song. And the hot cocoa looks good, I think I'll try it with some SF almond...mmmmm!
Thanks for all you do!

Meghan said...

The chicken bacon things ROCK! Love them! You're the best!

Elizabeth said...

Question for ya...
I thought about using a hot wing type sauce instead of the ginger/bbq sauce. I don't think the apricot would go well. What would be your suggestion? Should I just omit it?
Thanks for all the great recipes!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

E, Try some with and some without... the apricot is really yummy... you'd have that whole sweet & spicy thing going on. Let me know how it goes.