Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Feeling like a little something sweet last night I whipped up this quick, protein-packed dessert. Think: Inside of a cannoli. It was yummy.

Shelly's Limoncello Ricotta Dessert

1/2 cup Ricotta
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Vanilla)
2 Tablespoons Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur)
Sliced Almonds

Whiz ricotta, syrup and limoncello together in a mini food processor till light and airy. Spoon into glasses and top with berries and nuts. Makes 2.

This is perfect for after an Italian dinner.

Don't have Limoncello? Try another liqueur and fruit combo: Frangelico & Strawberries, Amaretto & Cherries, Grand Marnier & Strawberries.

Yep, there is booze in this dessert but it's 2 T's worth of alcohol for 2 desserts so I doubt anyone will be catching a buzz but you know some Dr's say NO to booze so as always be sure you follow your medical posse's advice.

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Highlights of the Day:

* I realized that most of my absolute favorite things to do are free or super cheap. I love that.

"That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest."- Henry David Thoreau

* Loving this web site that helps you identify songs heard on TV or in movies. Super cool.

* Right now (despite the ungodly hour I have awoken.) Sipping a cup of hot Ceylon tea with a splash of SF Vanilla Torani. Fuzzy Blanket. Surfing the net. Listening to tunes.

Listening to: "Love Save the Empty" Erin McCarley


Shasta said...

Your internal wake up clock seems to be tuned to the east coast... lol


Tara said...

Hmmm... your gonna make me go shop in the liquor dept, huh?? ;)

Hey, if you are so inclined, could you do a post someday talking about how you figure your diet at your stage out? Do you track calories, protein, and such? Use an online tracker or write it down? Do you keep a certain percentage of fats, protein, calories? what do your portion sizes look like? You know - what do you do to maintain where you are at and what do you struggle with?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

LOL Shasta. You are probably right.


Hey Tara, Sure basically I do 50% Protein, 25% Carbs (only complex) and 25% Fats (good fats) and have since the beginning. I track from time to time on fitday.com did it everyday for over a year so now I just know but every once and awhile I confirm for a week or two.

I know my BMR (see the calculator in my NEAT STUFF section on the eggface homepage left hand side) and I adjust my intake and output accordingly.

Hmmm struggle with?? I think about crusty Italian bread slathered with butter sometimes but after not having it for 2 1/2+ years I just can't see myself ever going there. My biggies pre-op were pasta, rice, bread and potatoes and I just never ate them as a post-op so now I think thankfully I'm detoxed.

Hope that helps,

Tara said...

It does, thank you!!

Do you find that even with your own recipes sometimes you have a hard time keeping the protein, carb, fat ration good?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Well I don't really do it per recipe as I do it per day... So for example when I menu plan (usually the night before) I wouldn't plan to have oatmeal for breakfast the same day as a tortilla pizza for lunch... that would be too carby (even though good carbs) a day for me.

Jess said...

thanks for the hot tip on the tune finder website! I spent 20 minutes the other night trying to figure out what the song was at the end of this weeks episode of House... so yeah, this website would have been handy!

Okstcowgirl said...

This is a fabulous site!! I am so happy I found it. I am 19 days out from RNY so I am looking for new ways and inspirations.

Thank you...