Cool Product Alert - Roasted Edamame

Seapoint Farms Lightly Salted Roasted Edamame

I heart these little suckers. I didn't at first but seriously they grow on you. Crunchy and nutty. A few satisfies my nut/salty snack mix cravings with less fat and carbs. A good thing too is 12 or so and my jaw is aching and less is always good.

You can eat them as a snack on there own or sprinkle on a salad for a boost of lowfat protein. These are a great on-the-go snack. Toss a handful in a Ziploc baggie in your purse.

They also come in Wasabi flavor for those who like it hot. Locally I bought them at Baron's Marketplace and Sprouts. Here is an online source.

Roasted Edamame (aka Soy Nuts, Roasted Soybeans) are a super source of protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids. One serving provides 14 grams of soy protein and only 2 net carbohydrates.

Nutritional Information:

Serving size – 1/4 cup
Calories per serving – 130
Total fat – 4g
Sodium – 150mg
Total carbohydrate – 10g (8g fiber, 1g sugars)
Protein – 14g

WARNING: Creatures great and small love these. I was once attacked by a pack of wild squirrels for my roasted edamame. So proceed with caution.


Jewls said...

Thanks for this! Appreciate you reading my question and answering me.


Barb said...

I can just picture the Squirrels attacking like a Hitchcock Movie! Lol! Thanks for the snack!

Barbara said...

I just found these in my grocery store! I don't typically eat the soy stuff, but these are good and you can't go wrong with the serving size and the amount of protein! I enjoy looking at your recipes. Thanks for sharing!!

NHSkinnygirl said...

I heart Edamame too. I haven't found this brand here in NH but others I have tried were pretty good. TJ's has hot ones and I'm not a fan of spicy so thanks for hooking us up with their on line availablity. As always you rock Michelle...have a great night...Laurie

Holly M said...

Oh goodie... I am glad you said you can find them at Sprouts!! I will be headed that way to find some and hoping I can keep the squirrels at bay!!!!

Barbara said...

I am addicted to these. I used to be able to buy them in bulk at Costco, but I can't find them anymore:(