Friday Fish Tacos

Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Low Carb Food Recipe
Fish tacos are unofficially Southern California's signature dish. The fish taco is to SoCal what pizza is to New York or cheesesteak is to Philly. We love them. I ditched the typical "holder" corn tortilla and batter opting to grill/steam the fish in foil packets.

Shelly's Tacoless Fish Tacos

1 pound of a mild white fish (cod, flounder, orange roughy, tilapia, something like that)
1/4 cup Italian Dressing
Shredded Cabbage (I use coleslaw mix)
Sour Cream (or Fage Greek Yogurt)
Shredded Mexican Cheese
Hot Sauce (I use Cholula)
Aluminum Foil

Marinate the fish (a hour or so in the fridge) in Italian Dressing. Wrap it in foil. Use "Heavy Duty" good foil, if you are using the $1 Store stuff double it.

Grill for approximately 15 minutes with the lid closed, flipping once halfway through cooking time. The fish is done when it separates easily with a fork. Top fish with cabbage, cheese, sour cream, a squeeze of lime, and hot sauce.


Kim said...

Omigod-- that looks lovely. Being a So Cal girl that lives in NYC, I get cravings for cabbage and sour cream and battered fishiness. This is an excellent way to keep it simple.

The other way is shucking the tortilla and batter in Rubio's while everyone watches you deconstruct a taco.

I prefer your way.

chpdlivr said...

I just made the bean salad today.........OMG, it's fabulous. I can't leave it alone!!
Thanks for your recipes and all you do for the WLS community.

Kim S. said...

Will you come live with me???

DCY said...

Since I am not a fish person, I guess I would have to have a fishless tacoless taco. LOL I do have some frozen Tilapia that I need to try. Do you think the frozen would do?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Kim, So we switched coasts I'm a former NYer in SoCal ;) Hope you enjoy the taste of home.

chpdlivr: :) So glad you are enjoying the Italian Bean Salad. It's my favorite.

kim: it depends where are you LOL ;)

dcy: Sure would. Defrost the filets in milk it takes the frozen fish taste away then pat dry and marinate in the dressing, etc. Hope you like it.


Les said...

I made it and it was so DELISH!

My 2 year old didn't know how to eat the cabbage so my husband taught him. The little guy ate it up.

Thanks again Shelly for the wonderful recipes.